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The new Jackalope Moonstone - Mystical and fascinating!

The new silver-grey baby of the Jackalope series presents itself like a dark, shimmering moonlit night: The Moonstone. Welcome this elegant bow that is available as a one piece recurve- and hybrid bow as well as three-parted take down recurve- or take down hybrid bow. In case of the take down version, you also have the agony of choice between bright or dark limbs and draw weights between 30 and 60 lbs.

The Moonstone as a one piece recurve or hybrid bow

As an advancement of the popular Malachite, Jackalope releases a new and fascinating bow series onto the market. Despite its dark grey and almost black seeming colour, the wood grain of the Moonstone shines through in an elegant way. The innovative dymondwood of the riser absorbes vibrations and allows for quick and consistent shots.

The modification of the original Malachite riser made it possible to decrease the hand shock even further, without compromising the great shot performance. Thereby you get a fast and precise bow that now absorbes vibrations even better. The combination of black fiberglass laminate and high-quality maple in the core of the limbs makes for a fascinating bow that scores in terms of high stability, exceptional performance and a broad range of draw weights ranging from 30 to 60 lbs. The 60" Moonstone is a superb one piece recurve bow, which will fuse you with nature.

But also the refinements of the hybrid bow know how to convince, since it unites the best characteristics of the two bow types: At first glance it looks like a longbow, although with only 60" it is clearly to short for that. It compensates for the missing length with its bent limbs typical for recurve bows and combines the best properties of both long- and recurve bows. That way, the string only makes contact with the tips instead of the tips and the limbs, as it is common with normal longbows. The result is a compact bow with a smooth draw, high arrow speeds and an almost complete absorption of the vibrations in the riser.

The Moonstone as a take down bow - innovative & space-saving

The Jackalope brand with its optically as well as technically exceptional bows already delights many archers and with the Moonstone take down, it  now offers another innovative hybrid bow with removable limbs. This long-established function in the case of recurve bows has recently been used for hybrid bows as well, although the offer for three-parted hybrid bows is still not all that large. 

Apart from the popular take down hybrid bow Malachite, now there is also its little brother, the Moonstone as a three-parted hybrid bow. Thereby, you can always take your Jackalope bow to the archery range and back or maybe even in your hand luggage on vacation without the bow requiring a lot of space.

On top of that you can easily adjust the beautiful, dark-shimmering riser to your increasing skill by switching the limbs for ones with a higher draw weight. Thereby the Moonstone as the take down version is a superb choice especially for archery beginners. Furthermore, its riser only weighs 450 grams and thereby is not too heavy.

Limbs in black or with clear glass

The fitting screw-on limbs made of dark or clear fiberglass laminate, which are perfectly adjusted to the riser, make the entire bow reach a total length of 60". Their core, which is made of high-quality maple- and ebony wood offers high stability and excellent performance. On top of that, they are also suited for fast flight strings.

If you want to equip your Moonstone with a fast flight string right away, we of course recommend you take a close look at the strings by Jackalope Archery available in the perfectly matched colour.

Fascinating conclusion

Mysterious and fascinating is probably the best way to summarize the JACKALOPE Moonstone. It fascinates by its dark shimmering looks and consistent shots, but also by being suited for fast flight strings. Additionally, it also scores with its mobility and adaptability to the increasing skill of the archer. The Moonstone becomes fascinating due to the powers that it is attributed with by its eponymist: It is supposed to relieve from emotional tension as well as fear and enhance the intuition and determination. What else do you need as an archer?!