Bow making

Bow making - Here you will find all materials and classes!

Are you fascinated by the history of the bow and bow making? Is archery, in particular with classic wooden longbows, one of your favorite hobbies? Excellent, in principle you already meet the requirements to build your own bow. In addition to the necessary materials, which you can get here, building a high-quality and beautiful bow also requires enthusiasm for the hobby itself. In addition, you need expert instruction or, in case you have already built a bow yourself, possibly some tips and tricks. You can get these on the internet or in books on the subject or you take some classes on bow making.

First things first: The right wood for bow making

Throughout history, numerous peoples on all continents have made their bows for hunting or fighting from different types of wood. In Europe, yew was popular for a long time, while bows were made from bamboo in Africa due to the geographical conditions. Nowadays, many bow makers rely on ash, as this type of wood is both heavy and impact resistant, making it suitable for both bow making and arrow making. It is important, however, to use stored wood. This is the reason why various ash blanks for the riser and limbs that you can buy at our store have been stored for at least three years. For the outer covering of the bow, laminates are glued on as well as various other accessories, which you can also get from us in a set. Special glue with high adhesive strength is suitable for gluing.