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DRAKE Archery – Bows from Germany

DRAKE Archery is known for its excellent beginner bows and its high-quality accessories for archery. Now DRAKE Archery tops it off with the ELITE series, offering excellent bows for advanced archers that really stand out in their price segment. They combine first-class workmanship with a sophisticated design and a sophisticated appearance.

The bows and ELITE bows from DRAKE Archery: Classic style, great quality

The main focus of DRAKE Archery is on recurve bows, longbows and hybrid bows, but you will also find state-of-the-art compound bows.... An inconspicuous but amusing highlight certainly are the slingshots. Hand-carved from wood and decorated with a cute animal motif: This way, they delight children's hearts as well as the young at heart.

DRAKE Archery ELITE: High-quality bows for those who expect more.

Brand new and fresh from the designer's workshop are the DRAKE Archery bows of the ELITE series. Both hybrid and recurve bows are visually convincing with their classically designed riser, the beautifully shaped, tapered limbs and a color selection that is both modern and elegant.

Of course, the high-quality bows have much more to offer: Material and workmanship are second to none in this price range. If you want to say goodbye to your simple beginner's bow and move up to the advanced league without spending a fortune, then DRAKE Archery is the right choice for you. The manufacturer highly values a great price-performance ratio. Excellent quality meets affordability- a true dream for any archer!

The bows in detail - durable and with reduced vibrations

The risers of the ELITE series are made of the innovative composite material Dymondwood. Several layers of wood are bonded together by means of epoxy resin and form a highly durable material that is easy to process and shape. Unlike aluminum, Dymondwood has a lower weight and absorbs vibrations particularly well. Due to the unique bond between wood and plastic, it is also remarkably weather resistant, robust and wears out less quickly. It can imitate almost any type of wood - a huge advantage when it comes to rare, protected or endangered trees.

And for those of you who value the technical aspect above all: Since vibrations are dampened extremely effectively, the DRAKE Archery ELITE risers shoot particularly evenly and smoothly. No wobbling, no accidental misalignment - the arrow will hit your target dead on thanks to the raised shelf.

With proper use, there is basically not much that can break the risers. And because DRAKE Archery is convinced of the quality of its bows, the manufacturer even gives you a 10-year warranty on them! Sounds great? We think so as well - and that's why we can wholeheartedly say: Grab one and enjoy the feeling of an outstanding bow in your hands!

The limbs of the ELITE series, on the other hand, are made of a clever mix of materials that differs slightly between the individual models. You'll also find the innovative Dymondwood with all its advantages. They are covered with fiberglass laminate, which is either clear and lets the beautiful grain of the flexible bamboo layers shine through underneath - or colored to give the limbs a special look. A maple wood core provides stability. You can buy all DRAKE Archery limbs in a wide range of draw weights.

Take-down: easy to assemble and transport

There are two different types of risers, to which you screw the limbs from the front, i.e. the side facing away from the shooter, or from the rear, i.e. the side facing towards the shooter. The assembly is simple in any case. Which system you opt for is a matter of taste.

DRAKE Archery uses an internationally recognized standard for its ELITE models Nightfall and Pitchblack, which makes it easy for you to combine the risers with any limbs, from other brands as well if you choose so: ILF (International Limb Fitting). The limb fitting system has a standardized mount where the limbs are not screwed in, but simply inserted into place.

From midnight black to wood combinations - a beautiful variety of colors.

There's no accounting for taste - but there's no denying that the DRAKE Archery ELITE bows all look pretty darn cool. Whether it's the pitch-black elegant color of the Pitchblack or the fascinating blue-black wood grain of the Nightfall, every shooter will their style. If you like it rather classic, go for the Phoenix with its elements of red-brown and black wood with golden accents. The Badger is unique and richly detailed, with a bright stripe - you're sure to attract a lot of attention. In a positive sense, of course.

DRAKE Archery bows: upscale quality for small budgets.

In addition to the ELITE series, DRAKE Archery offers classic entry-level bows from nearly every category: Recurve bow, Longbow, Hybrid bow, Horsebow and Compound bow. All of them are highly qualified for target shooting according to Olympic standards as well as for 3D shooti