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Apart from archery for sporting pleasure, bow hunting is practiced worldwide by passionate hunters. However, since it requires a lot of practice to shoot expertly with the bow, the danger of painful shots for the animal by untrained shooters is much higher than in conventional hunting.

For this and other reasons relating to animal protection, bowhunting is prohibited in Germany and other European countries such as Austria, Greece and Iceland. If you want to hunt native game with the bow, you can do so for example in France, Poland and Italy. Around the globe, bow hunting is very popular in the USA and in Africa.

Alex von Adventure_is_Outside und sein Weg zum Bogenjagdschein


I know very well how to be close to an animal from nature photography. I can feel my own senses getting sharper and try to become one with nature in order to not frighten or disturb the animal under any circumstances. The sounds of the animals and the noises made by their movements create an incomparable atmosphere. When hunting, this atmosphere is destroyed immediately by the bang of the rifle.

I only accept this because ultimately, I have high-quality meat at my disposal. For me this is the most important reason for hunting, because I like to control which meat ends up on my plate and where it comes from. Therefore the only way for me to realize this is by hunting on my own. The consumption of meat decreases immensely, as it is a lot of work to supply oneself with game, but it is worth it.

I am Alexander Ahrenhold, forester, hunter and nature photographer since many years. My project: The silent hunt was created by my fascination for archery, which I have had since childhood, but only in phases. The idea to combine hunting, self-supply with meat, as well as archery came up during a rather sociable session with some insider information about the effect of the arrows shot in the game body.

Alex´s favorite: Hoyt Carbon RX-4 Turbo
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Adventure Bowhunting

Together with my good friend and cameraman Joost Harenborg, the idea of capturing the way to the bowhunting license in a movie came up quite quickly. It is not our first joint film project but it will definitely be the most extensive one in the near future. We will follow the process from the ordering of my first bow to the prepared wild boar with the camera and make a documentary film from it. The training will play a big role in the beginning until I go to the bowhunting license exam and finally to the hunting trip - the highlight of the adventure - to one of the European countries where bow hunting is allowed.

Matching arrows for bowhunting – What you should be aware of

Basically, all game types that can be hunted with a rifle in accordance with animal and hunting laws can also be hunted with a bow. This includes red deer and wild boars as well as small animals and partly also big game. The most common way of bow hunting is from a raised hide. With a lot of experience and the right environment, stalking game is also possible with the bow. The most important utensils besides the hunting bow are the arrows.

They differ clearly from sports archery by their sharpness as well as the special blade shapes and consist of at least two cutting edges. Among the most important characteristics of high-quality broadheads are their integrity, i.e. they must not deform during impact, and the possibility of being resharpened. In our online shop you will find a wide range of broadheads with two or more blades as well as adhesive or screw attachment.

Bowfishing: The alternative to standard bowhunting on solid ground

But bowhunting cannot only be done on land - it is also possible to hunt fish. Bow fishing is particularly suitable for shallow waters such as shallow rivers, ponds or beaches. The shooter stands one to four meters away from the targeted prey and shoots the arrow - similar to a harpoon - directly into the water. A special rod is usually attached to the arrow in advance in order to pull the fish ashore comfortably. Arrows for bowhunting in water are either single-pointed or shaped like a trident with barbs. We can provide you with the right equipment for every hunting trip ranging from Broadheads, camouflage clothing and rangefinder to night vision equipment or binoculars.

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