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BARNETT Crossbows - the right crossbow for everyone

Whitetail Pro STR

For more than 60 years BARNETT Crossbows has been manufacturing high-quality and innovative crossbows. As one of the leading brands in the hunting industry, BARNETT has been instrumental in the development of the modern crossbow. BARNETT Crossbows continues to make history with the classic Whitetail STR series and the superior HyperGhost: Even higher precision, improved safety and only the best performance - the manufacturer manages to walk the tightrope between tradition and the future to deliver you breathtaking archery experiences. Whether you like to shoot sporty or prefer to shoot out in the woods, at BARNETT you will find the perfect crossbow for your hobby!

The choice is yours: BARNETT Crossbows

Every skill level and budget gets the right crossbow at BARNETT Crossbows. The name is closely associated with high-quality at mid-range prices. Beginners and professionals alike will be happy here. Take a look around at your leisure!

Fresh from the oven: the new models for 2020

BARNETT Crossbows brings new and improved crossbows on the market for this year as well. You can look forward to that:

Name Speed Draw weight Kinetic energy
HyperTac 420 420 FPS 215 lbs 149 ft lbs
TS380 380 FPS 201 lbs 121,82 ft lbs
Explorer Compound XP 370 370 FPS 165 lbs 115 ft lbs
Explorer Compound XP 380 380 FPS 185 lbs 122 ft lbs
Explorer Compound XP 400 400 FPS 200 lbs 135 ft lbs
Wildcat 260 FPS 165 lbs 57 ft lbs
Blackcat 20 FPS 165 lbs 57 ft lbs

BARNETT Hyper - the brand-new series

BARNETT Crossbows has outdone itself with the Hyper series: Decades of product development and hands-on experience have gone into the design of the HyperGhost crossbows and the Hyperflite bolts. Experience superior penetrating power paired with a lightweight and relatively small frame that accelerates your bolts up to 425 FPS. No, you're not seeing ghosts; these crossbows are totally real.

The BARNETT HyperGhost 405 and 425 arrive at your door basically ready to shoot. Just unpack your new crossbow and you're ready to go, including scope, cocking aid, mounting quiver and three Hyperflite bolts, you are perfectly prepared for your next training or hunting session.

Of course, BARNETT Crossbows has equipped the HyperGhost crossbows with all the features we know and love:

BARNETT HyperGhost Crossbows
  • TriggerTech-Release: free-floating roller for a smooth release.
  • Anti-Dry-Fire-System: prevents accidental release without a bolt
  • CNC-machined aluminum arrow guide rail: lightweight and durable
  • Soft-Lok floating-bristle bolt holder: holds the loaded arrow for more safety and precision
  • Step-Through-Riser (STR): foot stirrup integrated into the riser for increased draw distance without putting the string out of your arm's reach
  • Fold-away counterweight: clamps under your arm for more stability so you could hold the crossbow with one hand
  • Foregrip with finger guard: reach through for better grip and protection of your hands
  • 3 Picatinny rails: for accessories
  • String silencer: already installed, for extra reduced noise
  • Mossy-Oak-Camouflage: stylish camouflage from front to back

BARNETT STR-Crossbows - Step-Through-Riser-Crossbows

The STR-Crossbows are a specialty from BARNETT, which also includes the crossbows of the Hyper-Series. STR stands for step-through riser and means nothing else than that the foot stirrup is part of the riser - a small change with a big effect!

Because of this special design, the crossbows are lighter and more compact than comparable models without the STR. This means they are more comfortable to carry for longer periods of time and you can shoot more accurately with them. You'll notice the lighter weight especially when aiming with the crossbow, as it allows you to have better control over the device, even in the confines of a forest.

At the same time, the step-through riser increases the draw distance (powerstroke) and, in combination with other conditions, the acceleration, without making the crossbow longer and more unwieldy. So, if you value mobility and power, check out BARNETT Crossbows' STR crossbows.

STR models include:

BARNETT compound crossbows - state-of-the-art technology

Compound crossbows seem a little more complicated than their simpler designed siblings, the recurve crossbows. But don't let that scare you away, because BARNETT Crossbows brings you robust and reliable equipment with its compound models, which convince with power and speed.

Pulleys, the so-called cams, create a kind of pulley system, which has two decisive advantages compared to recurve models:

  1. less force required for cocking (let off)
  2. higher speed at the same or lower draw weight

With BARNETT compound crossbows you get access to all the innovative and helpful technologies that the manufacturer has developed and constantly improved over 60 years. The TriggerTech trigger is now standard on BARNETT crossbows and available on all new models. So is the Soft-Lok bolt holder with floating bristle that automatically adjusts to the loaded crossbow bolt.

Experience what precision and reliability mean!

BARNETT recurve crossbows - a heritage with a future

The recurve system is very old in crossbows and bows - and to pay homage to tradition, BARNETT Crossbows has once again added recurve crossbows to its line. Classic design meets modern-day innovation: lightweight materials, high-precision workmanship and the latest technologies create an incredibly smooth shooting experience!

New 2020 models:

  • BARNETT Wildcat
  • BARNETT Blackcat

Return to the origins of crossbow hunting with these crossbows. Let yourself be taken back in time - with all the comforts of today!

Unique from BARNETT Crossbows

BARNETT Hyperfite
  • Hyperflite Bolts
    Extra-slim and enormously strong crossbow bolts, specially designed for HyperGhost crossbows: These are the Hyperflite bolts. Together, the two Hyper products create a synergy unlike any other. The bolts feature a diameter of just 0.204 inches (about 5.18 mm), a length of 22 inches (about 55.88 cm) and a straightness of 0.001 inches. The nock is made of metal for reliable accuracy, even after many shots.
    The ballistic coefficient is 60% higher than that of comparable bolts. This means that they are noticeably better at overcoming air resistance, allowing them to reach high velocities and long distances. The penetrating power is also 22% higher. This makes the BARNETT Crossbows Hyper series ideal for hunting.
  • TriggerTech trigger system
    You have full control over your shot: The innovative TriggerTech system ensures that. The floating roller and the trigger create no friction. You only need pressure of 3 lbs - and that consistently. You will only experience such a smooth, precise and fast release with BARNETT Crossbows. The system also prevents you from accidentally firing a blank shot.

Innovation is a tradition here: BARNETT Crossbows

BARNETT Crossbows gives you the perfect means to write history in the crossbow sport. Here you will find crossbows of outstanding quality and with unique features, which are in the middle price segment. Whether you are just starting out or have half a lifetime of crossbow experience, BARNETT Crossbows has the perfect crossbow for you. Have fun discovering!

Do you have questions about our products? Do you need help with your selection? Then give us a call or send us a message - our support team will be happy to help you!

Thanks to different draw weights and top speeds of up to 449 km/h, you're guaranteed to find a crossbow that's the ideal companion for your purposes. At, as the German fair support and Europe's main dealer of Barnett, the spare parts procurement from the spare string to the smallest screw is permanently secured. In addition, you will always find all new Barnett models first in our online store. Browse through our Barnett range and convince yourself of high-quality technology that always hits the target dead on.

Barnett crossbows - innovative precision

Most of the Barnett crossbows we offer are compound crossbows, which have a very high penetrating power. Compared to recurve crossbows, a much higher performance can be achieved with the compound models with less effort. The bolt reaches a higher velocity, which can be over 400 km/h. With additional accessories like scopes or cocking aids you can increase your performance even more and experience a completely new shooting feeling. Thanks to the materials used, such as aluminum and carbon, Barnett crossbows are particularly light and comfortable to handle. The Carbon Lite Riser developed by Barnett significantly reduces the head load in contrast to the magnesium risers. Another highlight from Barnett is its Reverse Draw System, which produces significantly less noise and vibration. With the center of gravity shifted to the shooter, the head load could be reduced again, offering you smoother handling that allows for maximum precision.

Barnett - tradition and quality

A crossbow from Barnett stands for highest quality from a tradition-conscious company whose passion is crossbows. For more than half a century Barnett has been developing new technologies and tinkering with more powerful and more precise crossbow solutions. Barnett has been revolutionizing the crossbow market for many years, convincing with ever lighter, faster and stylish sports equipment made of high-quality materials for a wide range of requirements and securing the worldwide market leadership. Barnett models combine lightness, power and adaptability, making them the perfect choice for both sport shooters, recreational shooters and hunters. With decades of experience, innovative spirit and the fun of shooting, Barnett delivers great crossbows that will convince you without a doubt.