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A piece of history - Crossbows and Excalibur

King Arthur once called his sword "Excalibur", which was embedded in the stone and, according to the well-known Arthurian legend, possessed magical powers. The history of the crossbow, which goes back to the 5th century B.C., is similarly rich in history, but less entwined with mysticism and myth. In ancient Greece, archetypes of the crossbow were already in use at that time. Also the Romans had already developed a crossbow with the "ballista". In the Asian region a predecessor of the crossbow was also common, as fighters at the Great Wall of China used it to fend off their enemies. The Normans in France finally made the crossbow suitable for war and made use of it in larger battles. Due to its easy handling and the fact that it does not demand any special physical requirements of the shooter, the crossbow was quickly preferred over the normal bow and arrow and was used mainly for defense. The former wooden and metal construction, however, is nowadays long outdated due to its heavy weight and weather sensitivity.

Excalibur - Crossbows at their best

Regardless of Merlin, Arthur and other legendary tales, the term "Excalibur" is best known for the most precise recurve crossbows in the world today, some of which reach speeds as high as a compound crossbow. Since 1983, the manufacturers Bill and Kath Troubridge have dedicated themselves to the high art of developing their crossbows. The fact that they are not only technically adept, but also enthusiastic shooters themselves is evident in all their models. They emphasize on efficiency, accuracy and reliability of their products, so that you can accurately aim at your next target. Aluminium and carbon-like plastics make the crossbows weatherproof and virtually indestructible, so they will be with you for a long time - it is no coincidence that Excalibur offers a lifetime warranty on their limbs. Once you have shot a crossbow by Excalibur, you will not want to miss this crossbow anymore. EXCALIBUR Crossbow – Quality from North America

No matter if you are a professional or a hobby crossbow shooter, you need to own a crossbow from this brand: EXCALIBUR Crossbow. EXCALIBUR Crossbows are the first choice for crossbow shooters all over the world. They are robust, light and highly precise. The manufacturer focuses on recurve crossbows that shoot faster than compound systems, but are lighter, more silent and less prone to failure. EXCALIBUR delivers plenty of power at a fair price - their goal: to produce the most efficient, reliable and precise crossbows available on the market. To achieve this, the manufacturer relies on its many years of experience. No design leaves the drawing board without first having been tested intensively. The testers? Experienced hunters and crossbow shooters from Canada and the USA, who put every single EXCALIBUR Crossbow through its paces under the toughest conditions. With this concept, you will get only the best crossbows that money can buy - and not only that. Besides crossbows we carry everything that belongs to the shooting sport: bolts, scopes, quivers and bags, spare strings and other accessories. With EXCALIBUR Crossbow you can equip yourself all around. Find your perfect crossbow now. Hitting the target has never been so easy - grab a high-quality crossbow and experience the difference!

Further, faster, lighter: EXCALIBUR Crossbow

EXCALIBUR satisfies the most different crossbow shooters all over the world. Everybody finds the right model for himself and his demands. Join us and experience what it means to use the best crossbows in the world. EXCALIBUR´s recurve crossbows have been extensively tested under the most adverse and demanding conditions - hunting in North America and Canada. Hunting with crossbows is not allowed in numerous countries, but since EXCALIBUR crossbows satisfy experienced hunters, you can imagine how well they work in sports and events!

And what is so special about them? Simple as that:

  • They are tough: EXCALIBUR crossbows are pretty much indestructible. Even after some severe abuse they do what they are supposed to do and never let you down.
  • They are silent: Cocking and decocking both work super silently. There will not be any disturbing sounds that might interfere with your concentration.
  • They are accurate: Even after numerous shots, you will still hit the gold with a crossbow by EXCALIBUR.
  • They barely have any moving parts: Compared to a compound crossbow, EXCALIBUR recurve crossbows are almost puristic. No unnecessary parts distract you from your intended target. No cables, no cams - less malfunctions! Even under adverse weather conditions they still work smoothly. Dirt and grime hardly have a chance to settle in any gaps and grooves.
  • They can be provided with a new string even on the go: With a crossbow made by EXCALIBUR, you can easily exchange the string with a special cocking aid even when you are on the go.
  • They are extremely easy to maintain: EXCALIBUR Crossbows are reliable - No matter what. You can absolutely trust this crossbow!

Destruction Challenges: Can a crossbow by EXCALIBUR be broken?

Where does the claim that EXCALIBUR crossbows are among the most robust in the world stem from?

EXCALIBUR Crossbows are regularly tested in so-called Destruction Challenges. These Destruction Challenges aim to expose the crossbows to the most destructive action possible - and then test them for their remaining functionality and accuracy.

The manufacturers threw their EXCALIBUR Micro 355 out of a helicopter from a height of about 30 meters for example. The crossbow fell through the branches of a tree and hit the ground. Afterwards they checked if the crossbow was still hitting the target - Unsurprisingly, the answer was: Yes, it still worked perfectly. Apart from a few scratches, the device remained undamaged. These and other Destruction Challenges are demonstrated in impressive video montages from the manufacturer.

Of course we strongly advise against doing the same with your EXCALIBUR crossbow! Even though the sports equipment is very robust and durable, you should always handle it as carefully as the situation allows. This way you will enjoy your new favorite crossbow for a long time!

And what about attaching a new string on the go?

You want to know how that works?

It is super easy: The specially designed EXCALIBUR crossbow cocking device draws the crossbow so that the old string hangs loosely in the bow. This makes it easy to remove. Now you cock the new crossbow string and then let the assistant string slide forward again so that it loses its tension and you can take it off. Done! Frayed or damaged strings in the middle of training or competitions - farewell!

All you need for your hobby: EXCALIBUR Crossbow

The crossbow sport has a long tradition. The shooting device is similar to the bow, but is used horizontally and offers a decisive advantage: thanks to a special retaining device for the string, it can be kept in cocked condition without much effort. This, in turn, enables particularly accurate aiming. Compared to the bow, it takes longer to place an arrow or bolt and cock the string, which means that the firing frequency is much lower.

You can get crossbows and all the mentioned parts from EXCALIBUR Crossbow - comfortably at our online shop with us at BSW. The high-quality, lightweight bolts made of carbon and with fletchings are extremely durable - and you also have the option to select the illumnated version. You can choose between different tips, which differ in size, weight and shape. For carrying and storing you will find quivers and bags from the manufacturer, which keep your crossbow and bolts safe. The mounting quivers are made of light carbon tubes and are very easy to mount.

EXCALIBUR crossbow scopes and the matching holders, covers and caps are waiting to be used. The low weight of the scopes is a big advantage. They are also shock-resistant and can be adjusted to micrometer accuracy.

Replacement strings are of course also a part of our product range. Make sure to choose the right string for your EXCALIBUR crossbow (Matrix, Micro, Apex Light, Excel). In the Accessories category you will find the manufacturer's cocking aid mentioned above, which makes it easy for you to change the string anytime and anywhere.

In addition, care products and a lot of extras complete the extensive offer. Are you looking for a shoulder strap, a shaft extension or a cheek piece? A water level, crank or silencer? All you need is available! Take your time and look around in our EXCALIBUR crossbow assortment. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you!