Crossbows by SANLIDA

Crossbows with that certain something

If you want to call an exceptional crossbow your own, you should opt for one from Sanlida. Sanlida offers multi-functional entry-level crossbows with that certain something.
Many models of the Sanlida series can shoot steel balls in addition to the standard bolts. On top of that, Sanlida offers not only full size crossbows but also pistol crossbows, which are ideal for beginners. A highlight of the Sanlida series are the Crossfire I and Crossfire II (Little Panther), as these little guys are three-functional: Bolts, bullets and fish bolts (in conjunction with a fish coil) can be fired. What more could you want?

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Crossbows with the certain something

Whether pistol crossbows or crossbows with the steel ball feature, Sanlida offers you the right model for a low price. The Shark, for example, has the highest firing speed of 8mm steel balls. On top of that, you can get your hands on this visually different crossbow in a full package including a bag.

Sanlida crossbows at BSW

Within the range of Sanlida, there are also the classic recurve and compound crossbows,
like the Chace series. All models of the Sanlida Chace series have a CNC milled rail made of aluminum. The combination of this rail and the other composite materials make these crossbows particularly impact resistant and torsion resistant. Furthermore, Sanlida crossbows come with a soft paint finish. The Chace Sun II , Star and Wind require only little maintenance but still perform exceptionally well. They all come with an ultra-smooth trigger and have rear sight and front sight. Of course, you can also attach a different scope to the sight rail if you want.
Basically, every crossbow from Sanlida comes to you in a package, so you can start shooting right from the get-go!