Our complete sets for your start in archery

[SPECIAL] SET | DRAKE Recurve Bow - 16-42 lbs - 62-70 Inch - Beginner Bow


Einsteigerbogen gesucht? Mit dem DRAKE Konfigurator kein Problem!

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143,99 €

Getting started with archery 

Archery is a fascinating sport, but can seem very complex, almost too complex when starting. Beginners are sometimes overwhelmed by the wide range of possibilities. In order to make a quick and successful start possible for starters, we have arranged some complete sets. Starting from recurve bows with a string and set nocking point to protective gear like arm guards and fingertabs up to a quiver filled with arrows that have been tuned perfectly to the archer and bow, everything you need for a successful start is included.

Getting started with archery 

We really recommend taking part in one of our archery classes for beginners. Our instructors  sacrifice a lot of time in order to school beginning archers but even without classes, starting archery will be very easy with our sets. On our YouTube channel we have many tutorials and instructive videos and each bow set comes with a high-quality manual, in which everything will be explained: From assembling and spanning the bow, the correct stance and releasing the arrow. This will make starting archery child´s play even for beginners.