Getting started with archery 

Archery is a fascinating sport, but can seem very complex, almost too complex when starting. Beginners are sometimes overwhelmed by the wide range of possibilities. In order to make a quick and successful start possible for starters, we have arranged some complete sets. Starting from recurve bows with a string and set nocking point to protective gear like arm guards and fingertabs up to a quiver filled with arrows that have been tuned perfectly to the archer and bow, everything you need for a successful start is included.

SPECIAL DRAKE Dark Chocolate Recurvebogen


[SPECIAL] DRAKE Dark Chocolate Recurve

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Der DRAKE Dark Chocolate ist ein 3-teiliger Recurvebogen, der sich besonders an Einsteiger in den Bogensport richtet.

Getting started with archery 

We really recommend taking part in one of our archery classes for beginners. Our instructors  sacrifice a lot of time in order to school beginning archers but even without classes, starting archery will be very easy with our sets. On our YouTube channel we have many tutorials and instructive videos and each bow set comes with a high-quality manual, in which everything will be explained: From assembling and spanning the bow, the correct stance and releasing the arrow. This will make starting archery child´s play even for beginners.

Bow finder: How do you want to shoot?



Traditional bows follow the original shape of the bow. The bows have no aids for aiming and are shot intuitively.



You want to use a sight and various accessories that support you when shooting? Then the sports bow is the right choice for you.

Traditional bows for beginners

You prefer the traditional and original form of archery? Then this is the place for you. There is a huge selection of traditional recurve hunting bows, longbows or even horsebows available. But all of these models have one thing in common: They are shot intuitively, i.e. by instinct as you will not be able to find supportive accessories like sights, buttons and sports arrow rests. To make it easier for you to choose, here is a list of traditional bows.

One-piece bows

The traditional one-piece bows have a particularly original design due to their shape. The advantage of these bows is the fact that they are made of a single piece and therefore are very durable.

Three-piece bows (Take-Down)

The three-piece traditional bows offer beginners in particular the great advantage of beingable to adapt the draw weight quickly, easily and inexpensively to their success and progressby replacing the limbs.

Three-piece bows (Take-Down)

The three-piece traditional bows offer beginners in particular the great advantage of beingable to adapt the draw weight quickly, easily and inexpensively to their success and progressby replacing the limbs.

Sports bows for beginners

Sports bows offer you a variety of possibilities to mount various accessories. These additionalcomponents make it easier for you to shoot with the sport bow and support you in maintaining aconsistent shot process. The use of sights, sports arrow rests and stabilizers is no problem with thesebows. In the following you will find our recommended sport bows for beginners.

Sports recurve bows

he sports recurve bows offer you the possibility to exchange the limbs easily and quickly.The draw weight can therefore be adapted to the archer's needs at a low price.

Compound bows

The compound bow is a highly technical bow which, due to the special interaction ofadditional cables and cams at full draw, makes you only hold a fraction of the draw weightwith your fingers.

Your first bow in a set starting from 99 euros - surprisingly cheap - expectably good

You are interested in archery and want to start right away? We can comprehend that. As a beginner, you most likely are searching for the starter bow that suits you the most. BSW wants to pave the way for your start in archery. We often get asked what the best bow for beginners is. In order to make your choice easier, we have looked at three models in detail.

DRAKE Wild Honey Recurve Bow

The DRAKE Wild Honey Recurve Bow

The DRAKE Wild Honey Recurve Bow is one of our most popular starter bows, which, of course has its reasons. Apart from the appealing looks and numerous available bow lengths as well as the possibility to adjust the draw weight to the archer, the unbeatable price and the extensive accessory set are reasons, why the DRAKE Wild Honey is one of the most popular bows for beginners.

DRAKE Dark Chocolate Recurve Bow

The DRAKE Dark Chocolate Recurve Bow

Inspired by the DRAKE Wild Honey, the simple and noble looking DRAKE Dark Chocolate goes the same way like the popular recurve bow and therefore  represents another true bestseller in the starter bow section. The possibility to set and adjust the bow length and the draw weight by exchanging the limbs is natural, just like in case of the Wild Honey. It is also self-evident that various components like a button, sight or stabilisers can be mounted.

The SPECIAL set for our popular starter bows

Our bestseller bows for beginners alone are already worth a look at but now, we thought about a way to make  your start in archery as easy as possible. The results are beginner bow sets exclusively arranged by BSW, which will make a perfect start into archery possible for you. Let us look at that in detail.

A closer look at the accessory sets for Wild Honey and Dark Chocolate

Besides the Wild Honey or Dark Chocolate recurve bow, these special sets offer additional accessories, which you should not miss out on as a beginner.

DRAKE Wild Honey Take-Down Recurve Bow
Take-Down Recurve Bow

Particularly for beginners we recommend a recurve bow consisting of three parts since you have the opportunity to adjust the draw weight and bow length quick and easy by exchanging the limbs at a later point.

Arm guard in your desired colour

The arm guard protects your lower arm from string slaps and the consequent injuries. The common reason for string slaps is a not quite perfect execution of the shot process and a wrong brace height.

Fingertab or glove in matching size

A fingertab is a small piece of leather that is put over the middle finger. The fingertab protects your fingers from overstrain or injuries when releasing the arrow.

DRAKE Dark Chocolate Einstiegsbogen

Side quiver for arrows in your desired colour

The side quiver is the first choice if you need to transport your arrows in a safe and secure way. We recommend taking a look at the SPHERE complete arrows. These do not only look good in the quiver but also ensure a successful start in archery.

Sports arrow rest

Small and inconspicuous, the sports arrow rest takes on the important job to keep the nocked arrow securely on the riser until releasing. Beginners in particular are thereby offered the possibility to fully focus on the technique.

SPECIAL-Set Recurve Bow JACKALOPE Zircon – A great sportsman for a great price

JACKALOPE Zircon Take-Down Recurvebogen

Take a step forward. As an advanced archer or archery beginner with high expectations in terms of quality and a larger budget, you will not come around the JACKALOPE Zircon.

This is a high-quality olympic recurve bow that consists of three parts and whose draw weight as well as length can be adjusted to the archer. For more individual character we offer to select the CNC-milled riser in your favourite colour although the ILF-System is also worth noting.

Since this is a standardized method of mounting limbs quick and easy on the riser, it is definately not very common in this price class. With this bow on the other hand you get access to the entire world of archery. Without being limited to a particular manufacturer, you can choose the best fitting ILF limbs for you.

It goes without saying that you have numerous possibilities mounting various components like sights, stabilisers, dampeners or a button in one of the two slots cut into the riser.

The JACKALOPE Zircon as all-round carefree package

As if the JACKALOPE Zircon was not a recommendation for every archery enthusiast already, with the extensive JACKALOPE Zircon SPECIAL Set we offer you a true all-round carefree package. The bow set contains everything you need to start your archery career untrammelled. In order to not lose track, let us take a look at the extent of the bow set.

What the extensive SPECIAL JACKALOPE Zircon set offers you in detail

JACKALOPE Zircon Take-Down Recurve Bow

In the following, we will offer you a short but concise overview about the comprehensive JACKALOPE Zircon SPECIAL set:

JACKALOPE Zircon Take-Down Recurve Bow

The JACKALOPE Zircon with its ILF System enables you to choose suitable limbs for you in the desired draw weight across all manufacturers. Of course you can also select your wanted colour for the riser.

The arm guard in your desired colour

The arm guard prevents injuries from string slaps on the lower arm. Most of the time the reason for that is a wrong brace height as well as flaws in the technique.

The fingertab

The fingertab protects your fingers from overstraining, which can be the case due to the pressure of the bow string.

JACKALOPE Zircon Take-Down Recurve Bow
The arrow rest

The arrow rest is glued onto the riser of the JACKALOPE Zircon and keeps the arrow in position until releasing it.

The nocking point

In order for you to know where to nock the arrow onto the string, this small brass ring is secured exactly at that position.

6x carbon arrows to your choice

In order for you to start right away, we also supply you with matched carbon arrows that fit your bow´s spine and a backpack for recurve bows with an arrow tube in your desired colour.

We know that the delivery contents of the JACKALOPE Zircon are enormous, which is why we also deliver a suitable bow backpack so you can transport everything safely. And that of course also in your favoured colour.

Getting started

At some point even the best archer started as a beginner. But how should you start in order to make the introduction to the sport successful and be able to have fun with this hobby for a long time? First you should think about what archery means to you. Do you want to be like Robin Hood and use a longbow? Should it be an olympic recurve with all the technical shenanigans just like in Olympia? Or are these high-tech compound bows the best thing in archery?

Before you start buying equipment, you have to decide what you want. You can choose from the following types of bows:

The Longbow

In case of a longbow, you only have to set the brace height and then you can already start. Of course, arrows and the nocking point should also be chosen wisely, although the bow itself does not bring a lot of work with it.

Further technical details like the tiller do not have to be adjusted, since the longbow is usually made of one piece and the tiller is set by the bowmaker in production.

Due to their size, longbows are pretty indulgent and typical beginner mistakes are not as noticable in the shot process as in the case of short recurve hunting bows or horsebows. One more advantage is the angle of the string when fully drawn, which also due to the size, is very indulgent and easy to handle. On the contrary, you have no possibility to change the limbs to a higher draw weight when getting more advanced and stronger in the case of a longbow. The only thing you can do is buying an entire new bow.

The Recurve Hunting Bow

In case of a recurve hunting bow, only the brace height and the nocking point have to be adjusted in the beginning, just like the longbow. Since these bows are normally shot without sights, they also offer a puristic feeling comparable to longbows. Due to their bent limbs, recurve bows are normally substantially faster than longbows. Because of the higher velocity of the arrows, they also have a very flat trajectory, which particularly benefits archers, who aim with the arrow point. Thereby the introduction to archery is once more getting a bit easier. If the bow is a recurvce hunting bow made of three parts, as so called take down recurve bow, you have even two advantages.

If you need to, you can change the limbs to stronger models. Thereby you only need new limbs when the bow should be more powerful. Apart from that, a take down recurve bow is very easy to transport when disassembled. This is particularly an advantage for students and users of public transport, since it might get a bit difficult to transport a large one-piece bow in a crowded train or on the bike. But which bow should you buy in the beginning? In case of take down bows the BLACK LARP, which offers classic black looks, is an excellent option. If you like a riser with the usual wooden look, the WILD HONEY is the right choice for you. Another very nice looking bow is the DARK CHOCOLATE. For archers who prefer a riser made from metal instead of wood, the DRAKE BLACK RAVEN and DRAKE PARROT are suitable models.

If you want a one-piece recurve hunting bow, you can look into the JACKALOPE MALACHITE. This bow has already convinced many customers and independent testers and is often shot by already more advanced archers without complaints.

The Olympic Recurve

In case of the olympic recurve, there is a lot more to consider, even though the bow is adjustable to your personal requirements like the tiller. On top of that, there are more components like the clicker, the sight, the button and the stabilisers.

But also the way you aim changes since you use a different anker point compared to traditional bows and have to dispute with the shadow of the string while aiming through the sight. For now, this sounds pretty complex and impractical but with a bit of practice, even the olympic recurve is controllable soon. In the beginning, you could also start shooting with a barebow (olympic recurve bow without further components) to get a feeling for your new bow. As soon as you are familiar with the basics, you can slowly start adding the components and improve your technique with the equipment.

Our JACKALOPE Zircon offer the best base for that since they have standardized drilling holes for all the components and can thereby be adjusted as the user wishes. One more technical advantage of the Zircon is that it uses the ILF System and can be combined with all other limbs on the market that use ILF. On top of that, the Zircon is available in numerous colours and therefore there is definitely something for every taste.