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Would you rather like a recurve bow that is also used in olympic archery on FITA targets or maybe a classic longbow, with which you can go on a journey through time and feel like one of the historic archers of the vikings or in medieval times? In archery there is a huge selection of various bow types from numerous manufacturers - and no matter if you are just beginning to do archery or if you are already very experienced, you will find a bow at BSW that suits you and your preferences.

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Which bow should you buy? There is something for every archer!

Nowadays we know that recurve bows have existed for thousands of years - and yet, modern versions of this practical and pretty classical bow shape still are very popular with archers. A recurve bow distinguishes itself by its recurve limbs that enable higher efficiency than standard bows like longbows. Apart from various models of sports- or traditional recurve bows that are available in a set or just the bow itself, you will find limbs and risers you can use for repairing your bow or build one yourself, as well. Compared to the recurve bow, the compound bow is a true high-tech device, whose construction with cams makes handling easier in every situation and requires less strength than other bows. Furthermore, our compound bows are equipped with sights, stabilisers and arrow rests as well of course.

Back to the roots with longbows and horsebows

With a longbow or horsebow, particularly the archery fans that find a classical style of archery important are well-equipped: A longbow as well as a short bow, which is particularly well-suited for shooting from horseback. The main groups are Amerindian bows and Asian or Mongolian bows.

Horsebows are designed after historic bow shapes even today and require different handling than technically optimized, modern sports bows. Of course there is a large variety of different bows for various body sizes, for right- or left handed archers as well as special requirements for the sports bow. On top of that, many of  of our bows can be ordered as a set including a glove, quiver for the arrows, arrow rest and many more accessories. Like that, you are ready for the next parcours or the next tournament at the same time. In the kids and juveniles category you can also find special bows and bow sets for small archers and their first attempts at hitting the target board.

Important rules to follow after buying a bow

Despite bows not being weapons according to German law, you should still be extremely careful when using bow and arrow.
In the following, there are some general rules about the use of bow and arrow:

  • Never aim at other people!
  • There should not be people in front of or behind the target and the immediate area around it!
  • Backstop nettings do not provide sufficient protection for people!
  • Never collect your shot arrows in the middle of it but only after there has been a previous commando! Never stand behind an archer that pulls his arrows out of the target.
  • All archers should be standing at the same distance to the target, never at different distances!
  • Never walk between the archer and the target!
  • Never shoot an arrow into the sky, its trajectory cannot be predetermined.
  • Never nock an arrow and pull the string back without planning to release it.
  • Never release the string without having an arrow nocked (dryfire)
  • Always check your bow before shooting! Never shoot with damaged equipment or equipment that is not in an immaculate state!
  • Wear appropriate clothing that does not interfere with the planned execution of the shot.
  • Children should never do archery without their parents´ supervision.