Warranties in archery

Just like in different product divisions, there are also different warranty durations in archery. These mainly differ depending on the manufacturer. Here we would like to bring some light into the darkness and give you an overview about the different warranty durations.

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Although we try to list all the necessary warranty information in the respective item description, there is a chance that this might get overlooked or lost due to the rush of everyday life, which is why we will state the necessary information here again and in a very clear way.

In case of all our warranty information it should be considered that we do not just pass the warranty conditions of the different manufacturers onto our customers but we also care about the execution of the warranty. The same goes for our various exclusive brands of course.

The 30 years Jackalope warranty

Jackalope Archery grants a warranty of 30 years for all concerned bows within the European Union. (consider exclusions)

The legal warranty conditions remain untouched by this special warranty and count nontheless.

Warranty duration

  • 30 years after the date of invoice

The following requirements have to be met

  • The 30 years warranty for Jackalope products does only count for the first-time buyer.
  • The bow has to be registered first by sending in the warranty card.


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Warranty content

  • broken limbs
  • delamination of the limbs
  • cracks in the limbs or laminate
  • broken risers
  • cracks in the risers
  • snapped limb tips

The warranty excludes:

  • negligent or deliberate breaking or damaging of the bow
  • twisted limbs after using the bow for more than 6 months
  • repairs for obvious wear and tear
  • bows, on which markings or serial numbers have been removed


  • replacing or repairing the bow

How you can make use of the 30 years warranty by Jackalope

Before you send in the bow, we would ask you to inform us about the return. You can either do that via our ticket-system, per email (support@bogensportwelt.de) or via our hotline (+49 3971 241960). Of course we will also provide you with a returns label that we will send you per email. Thereby, the return is free for you.

For a trouble-free and quick execution it is essential to put a copy of the original invoice or the completed return form, we have provided you with, into the parcel you are sending back.

That already is it for your part, now it is our turn.

After we have received the return, we will control your Jackalope bow very carefully. In case it is possible, we will repair your bow and make it fully functional again. You will not be charged for this.

Should this be impossible, we will inform you accordingly. In this case you will receive a new bow. In case the respective model is not available anymore, we will send you an equivalent- or higher-quality bow. The same goes for this case: You will not be charged.

The following bows, risers and limbs are excluded from the warranty

  • all ILF-limbs by Jackalope
  • Jackalope Zircon riser

Warranty conditions - BSW additional warranty for bows

§ 1 General

  1. The additional warranty of BogenSportWelt is a dependent warranty and can only be concluded in connection with a purchase contract for a bow, in which the additional warranty can be selected in the online shop. The guarantor is BSW Hande