Recurve sports bows & sets

Professional sports bows and sets for ambitious archers

The new archery season is beginning and you think that you finally have to buy a new sports bow for the next competitions and training? You are right at BSW-Archery: Aside from numerous traditional bows, longbows und horsebows as well as the suitable accessories, we have also specialised in sports- and recurve bows of the most well known manufacturers, with which you will be the king of the range.

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Classic sports bows for adults and juveniles

Our special service is the delivery of the sports bow in various different sets, from Sports Set 1 to Sports Set PLUS, in which different accessories like arrows, a sight or an arm guard are delivered directly with the new bow. The Ragim Wildcat as well as the Ragim Matrix are sports bows that can be ordered in a set. Thereby they are part of the high-quality- but also easy to use bows from this category. On top of that, these bows can be disassembled into three parts and because of that, they can be transported easily to tournaments or from the archery range home. Furthermore, the two Ragim bows can also be recommended as youth bows for younger archers: Due to a shorter bow length and lower draw weight, they are suitable for archery-loving juveniles.

Determined shooting with the newest sports bow models

While Ragim sports bows still have a pretty classic form, SF Archery and Hoyt bows are already part of the ultimate sports tools for fans of modern and innovative details in archery. Decisive for sport bows like the Hoyt Horizon take down is the riser made from aluminium and ergonomic handle. It uses an ILF System  and thereby limbs of numerous well-known manufacturers can be combined with this riser. These recurve bows can be ordered in various extensive sets as well. Have you chosen a new sports bow for you? Take a look at our extra-services that you can pick freely to your selected products in order to make your order perfect. We offer you for example, to set and secure the nocking point onto the string of the selected bow before it is delivered to you. That way you can start shooting with your new bow immediately.