Information about shipping costs

The applicable shipping costs are directly displayed during checkout, so you are always aware of the actual costs at any time. Please note: The calculation of shipping costs is only available once an item is added to the shopping cart. In case of an unusual order, there might be a message asking you for direct contact for the individual price. 

If this is the case, please send us an email stating the product you would like to order and we will provide you with the individual price.

Estimate shipping costs directly in your shopping basket

* For shipping to the certain countries (outside the EU) you might be required to pay relevant taxes.

Please note the individual import and customs regulations for countries outside the EU.

The information on the customs content declaration is used by customs to determine the (country-specific) customs duties and import turnover taxes collected by the consignee.
In some cases, customs clearance fees are also levied.

Vouchers can be sent either by e-mail in PDF format or by letter for 1.99 EUR in printed form.

Information on payment methods


With PayPal, EUR payments are always free of charge.  You pay with only two clicks if you are registered with PayPal and you don't have to have your credit card ready or type in any account information. Because you have payment information such as bank details or credit card number securely stored in your PayPal account. With PayPal, your email address and password are all you need - done. So we can dispatch stock goods immediately - you will then receive your purchases faster.

After completing the order you can click directly on the displayed button With -PayPal now pay-. If this method of payment does not work for you or you no longer have the link, you can also manually transfer the amount (to paypal[@] or pay normally by bank transfer. Please use our account (Deutsche Bank, BSW Handels GmbH, IBAN DE28130700240436516900, BIC DEUTDEDBROS) with your order number as the reason for payment.

Prepayment (bank transfer in advance)

The payment method prepayment is the classical variant, with which still many on-line orders are settled. You will receive our bank details directly after completing your order. Of course, you will also find this in the email confirmation. With these data, you can then make a bank transfer (via online banking or directly at your bank). The goods will be shipped as soon as the amount has been credited to our account. Please note that a bank transfer (also online) may take up to 4 working days.

For bank transfers, please use our account with your order number as the reason for transfer:

Within Germany:
Bank: Deutsche Bank (Rostock)
Account holder: BSW Handels GmbH

SEPA credit transfers:

IBAN: DE28130700240436516900
BIC: DEUTDEDBROS (Deutsche Bank Rostock)

Credit card

(selectable over 26,00 EUR value of goods - no letter dispatch)

You have chosen to pay by credit card. We accept VISA and MasterCard. For online credit card payments via VISA and MasterCard, you must enter your credit card number, expiration date and three-digit security code. Your security code provides additional security when paying online and usually consists of the last three digits of the number on the back of the credit card. The security code can be located in different places depending on the credit card company but is usually printed on the signature field.
All credit card transactions are executed immediately. This means that if you pay by credit card, the full invoice amount will be charged upon completion of your order, regardless of the availability of goods at the time of your order.

The transmission of this data is secure and PCI compliant to the credit card processing location. The online shop does not store your credit card data.

3 - D Secure - Procedure

3 - D Secure is a standard that provides additional security for online credit card payments. The 3-D Secure standard is used by Visa and MasterCard.
3 - D Secure procedures are also known as Verified by Visa (Visa) and MasterCard Secure Code (MasterCard).

The additional security consists of two elements:
1.the Verified by Visa Code or SecureCode that you have set up yourself: This code ensures that only you can pay with your credit card, similar to using the PIN in a retail store. Keep the code secret. The risk of credit card fraud is virtually eliminated if you use the code.
2.the private data you enter when creating your code: you will be shown your private data before you enter the code when making a purchase.


With immediate effect. During your order, you can conveniently transfer the respective amount to your online banking account (using your familiar Pin/TAN method). As a merchant, we receive a real-time confirmation after the payment has been completed. This enables us to dispatch stock goods immediately - you will then receive your purchases faster.

Klarna.complies with the high-security standards of online banking and has TÜV-certified data protection. You neither need to register nor do you need a credit card. You pay simply, securely and quickly directly with your online bank account.

After completion of the order you can pay directly on the displayed button -now with immediate effect - click. If this payment method then does not work for you, you can also transfer the amount normally. Please use our account (Deutsche Bank, BSW Handels GmbH, Kto 436516900, BLZ 13070024, IBAN DE28130700240436516900, BIC DEUTDEDBROS) with your order number as the reason for payment.


iDEAL is a popular payment method in the Netherlands. Since November 2015, we have been offering iDEAL as a payment method in the ordering process to all Dutch bank customers at
A direct link to your own bank is provided during the checkout process.    

You enter your known online banking data only there and we as a merchant receive the security of receiving the money you have instructed after successful order processing.

This means that orders paid for with iDeal can be packed promptly and sent to the specified delivery address in the Netherlands.

Other information

Reference to participation in the Landbell AG take-back system

With regard to the sales packaging filled with goods for the first time by us and delivered to private end consumers, our company has joined the nationwide take-back system of Landbell AG, Mainz, (customer number: 4102621) in order to ensure compliance with our statutory obligations in accordance with § 6 VerpackV. Further information can be found on the Landbell AG website for return systems.

Information on participation in the Landbell Austria GmbH collection and recycling system

With regard to the packaging subject to licensing that we put into circulation, our company has joined the nationwide collection and recycling system of Landbell Austria GmbH in order to ensure compliance with our legal obligation pursuant to § 13 g (2) AWG. Further information can be found on the website of Landbell Austria GmbH.


Information on the Battery Ordinance

In connection with the sale of batteries and accumulators or with the delivery of devices that contain batteries or accumulators, we are obliged to point out the following to you in accordance with the battery regulation:

Batteries and rechargeable batteries must not be disposed of with household waste. You are obliged to return used batteries as the final consumer. You can return batteries free of charge after use at the point of sale or in the immediate vicinity (e.g. municipal collection points or in the trade). You can also return batteries to us by post. Batteries and rechargeable batteries that contain harmful substances are marked with the symbol of a crossed-out dustbin.

Close to the garbage can symbol is the chemical name of the sheep substance: CD = cadmium, Pb = lead, Hg = mercury.

Pb = Batteries contain more than 0,002% of cadmium by weight.
Cd = Batteries contain more than 0,004% of lead by weight
Hg = Batteries shall contain more than 0,0005% of mercury by weight.

Please follow the above instructions.

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The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.