Finding 3D-parcours

BSW offers you the possibility to sort 3D parcours by country and region. A quick and easy way to find the most exciting and proven parcours in your area, in the surroundings of your planned holiday destination or wherever you are. The 3D parcours finder gives you an overview of the entire German-Austrian DACH region and neighboring countries.

How to use our 3D-parcours-finder

Simply select the 3D parcours you are interested in from the interactive map. You can move the map by clicking on an emptyspot and dragging it. Zooming in and out does not work with themouse wheel, but you can use the plus and minus symbols at the top left of the map. Use the magnifying glass below to quickly find the region you want by entering the name of a city or state. You can also view the map in full screen.

Could you find a 3D parcours you want to know more about? Then just click on "To the parcours" and you will be taken to a detailed description. There you will find all the necessary information, for example about the parcours, opening hours andduration.

3D-parcours sorted by country

We have sorted all parcours in an extensive listing by country. Select the desired region as well as the federal state or canton and you will be taken to the corresponding courses.

Any more questions? We will be happy to help you - just contactus and together we will surely find the perfect 3D parcours for you!

Your parcours is not part of the list yet?

If your parcours is not yet to be found here, you can of course submit it quickly and easily. Just contact us if youwant your parcours to be listed here as well.

Your first time at a 3D-parcours? What you should be aware of

Important: Stick to the parcours rules

Each parcours has its own rules, which you should read carefullybefore your visit. You can either find them online on the 3D parcours ? website or they will be sent to you after your registration or on request. Following them is not just a formality or a courtesy, but is important for your safety and the safety of other shooters. You will learn, among other things, which bows and crossbows are allowed and what the maximum draw weight and arrow speed are.

  1. Prevention is better than cure. Act considerately and reasonably. Even though the bow or crossbow is your hobby, you should not forget that it is still a weapon. Particularly in the thick forest it happens very quickly that someone runs into your line of fire.
  2. Stay on the designated path. Even if it is tempting, you should not venture off into the forest. The 3D parcours is designed in such a way that you move from target to target without running in front of another shooter's arrow.
  3. Always move in the intended direction. This is very important, because if you move backwards, you may get close to a target and be in the line of fire.
  4. Avoid camouflage clothing. ou do not need to dress in an extremely colorful outfit, but you should distinguish yourself enough from the woods and meadows so that you can be spotted easily. This will help you prevent accidents.
  5. Hang something noticeable over the target when you look for your arrows behind it. This prevents the following 3D parcours visitors from accidentally injuring you by preventing them from using the target. Now you can safelytrack down your lost arrows.
  6. Mark your arrows. This is not absolutely necessary, but if someone else finds them and gives them away, you can identify them clearly.
  7. Note the (unwritten) 3-arrow rule. You will not find them in every 3D parcours rulebook, but it does exist. The reason for this is that the 3D targets are not very cheap and the shooters after you do not want to wait forever.
  8. Bring comfortable clothes and enough food. Many 3D parcours are designed for several hours of activity and take you over natural and rough terrain. Sturdy and comfortable shoes are a must. You will also be grateful for a glove if your arrow has ended up in a thorn bush. As a precaution, remember to bring a raincoat, even if the sun is shining at the moment. You should also wear long trousers in summer (keyword: ticks). Take enough water and snacks with you. A mobile phone will help you call for help quickly in case of an emergency.
  9. A few accessories will do no harm. You can take all the accessories you need to keep your bow and arrows in goodshape on the 3D parcours. Of course, you should not overdo it, after all, you will have to carry all of that for hours. But tools for retightening a screw, a replacement string and spare tips cannot do any harm. Also take something to pull out the arrows. Sometimes they get stuck pretty tight in the foam of the 3D targets.

The most important rule is of course: Have fun! If you keep to the rules of reason and the respective 3D parcours, nothing will stand in the way of your unique experience! We can guarantee you: Once you have visited a 3D parcours, you will never want to miss the pleasure again.

Nature, fresh air and peace: The appeal of 3D-parcours

3D archery on a parcours is very different from the classic target shooting in the hall or on the meadow. You come much closer to the original hunting use of the bow and crossbow, have a lot of exercise and find yourself in the middle of nature. The targets are sometimes very challenging to hit and distancesare much more difficult to estimate.

Many shooters love 3D parcours because of their tranquility andcloseness to nature. Go on a discovery tour alone and sink into pure relaxation or take a comfortable walk with friends and family - you will soon notice how your concentration and your ability to estimate distances are getting better and better! Far away from the hectic pace of modern life, you can fully relax at aplace like this.

What actually is 3D-archery?

As a beginner you might ask yourself what 3D parcours are all about - a good introduction to the whole archery world is given by our compendium for future archers.

3D archery has a special feature that is also reflected in its name: The tracks are equipped with 3D targets. They are therefore not flat targets as you know them from the hall and the Olympic Games, but plastic figures. These can be animals, but also a dice or other objects, like an apple, if you want to play Robin Hood (but please do not place them on a real head).

Above all, the animal figures on a 3D parcours convey a uniquely primal flair. You are particularly close to nature and move around a lot in the fresh air - something that target shooting offers only to a limited extent. Are you interested? With us you can equip yourself with practical bow sets that contain everything you need for a successful start.

And with our 3D-parcours-finder you can quickly discover the most beautiful parcours in your area - BSW wishes you lots and lots of fun!