Finding 3D-parcours

BSW offers you the possibility to sort 3D parcours by country and region. A quick and easy way to find the most exciting and proven parcours in your area, in the surroundings of your planned holiday destination or wherever you are. The 3D parcours finder gives you an overview of the entire German-Austrian DACH region and neighboring countries.

How to use our 3D-parcours-finder

Simply select the 3D parcours you are interested in from the interactive map. You can move the map by clicking on an emptyspot and dragging it. Zooming in and out does not work with themouse wheel, but you can use the plus and minus symbols at the top left of the map. Use the magnifying glass below to quickly find the region you want by entering the name of a city or state. You can also view the map in full screen.

Could you find a 3D parcours you want to know more about? Then just click on "To the parcours" and you will be taken to a detailed description. There you will find all the necessary information, for example about the parcours, opening hours andduration.

3D-parcours sorted by country

We have sorted all parcours in an extensive listing by country. Select the desired region as well as the federal state or canton and you will be taken to the corresponding courses.

Any more questions? We will be happy to help you - just contactus and together we will surely find the perfect 3D parcours for you!

Your first time at a 3D-parcours? What you should be aware of

Important: Stick to the parcours rules

Each parcours has its own rules, which you should read carefullybefore your visit. You can either find them online on the 3D parcours ́ website or they will be sent to you after your registration or on request. Following them is not just a formality or a courtesy, but is important for your safety and the safety of other shooters. You will learn, among other things, which bows and crossbows are allowed and what the maximum draw weight and arrow speed are.

  1. Prevention is better than cure. Act considerately and reasonably. Even though the bow or crossbow is your hobby, you should not forget that it is still a weapon. Particularly in the thick forest it happens very quickly that someone runs into your line of fire.
  2. Stay on the designated path. Even if it is tempting, you should not venture off into the forest. The 3D parcours is designed in such a way that you move from target to target without running in front of