Jackalope Archery

Jackalope - So far, most of us have most likely only associated this name with the mythical creature from the USA, which appeared in the shape of a rabbit-buck with conspicuous antlers.

But in 2016 there was an event that made many archers on this planet remember the name Jackalope for a very long time and anchor it in their passion for archery.

At this point, the horned rabbit-buck not only is an American mythical creature, but rather the characteristic image of a winning streak that has only just begun.

Jackalope Archery - Innovation and quality

JACKALOPE Malachite One Piece Recurve

With Jackalope Archery, a new and innovative brand is in the spotlight now that takes on the ambitious task to revolutionise the archery market. Based in the heart of Europe, Jackalope has come up with groundbreaking ideas that acquire vogue in the global world of archery.

New details and highest demand for quality have yielded exceptional results to this date, which helped Jackalope Archery gain enormous popularity in record time. Up to now, all of this resulted in a series of well-made longbows, recurve bows, hybrid bows and horsebows as well as accessories and protective equipment suited to the respective model.

Jackalope Archery does not leave anything to chance for you. In order to live up to the high expectations it has set for itself, Jackalope puts all of its trust only in bow manufacturers that convince with their years-long experience