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It is the little things in life that count - which also goes for your outdoor adventures. When you go camping or bushcrafting, you need the right outdoor gear, so you are prepared for any eventuality. And you can get it here: In addition to tools and knives, you will find equipment for sharpening, fire lighting and illumination. What those little guys are capable of and what other tools we carry, you can find out below. Have fun browsing!

Everything at hand - with high-quality outdoor gear

You have thought of everything, tent and sleeping mat are packed up, food and cooking utensils are well stowed. And off you go - out of town, and into the wilderness. Days or even weeks of adventure and relaxation are waiting for you, away from water out of your tap, electricity and WI-FI. But what if you want to make and light a campfire? Or when you are out in the dark? In case something is broken? No worries, with our outdoor equipment you are well-equipped for every situation.

After all, when it comes to outdoor survival with simple tools, your skills and a little bit of brainpower, every piece of equipment counts. Compact lightweights that offer multifunctional use still fit in any backpack. They take up hardly any space and do not weigh much, yet, they are surprisingly versatile. Thanks to stainless steel and UV-stabilized plastic, your outdoor gear will accompany you reliably in all kinds of weather.

Bushcrafting, survival training, outdoor camping: Gear up at our store


From a simple pocket knife, a multi-function knife including corkscrew and bottle opener, to a paring knife and cutlery set - here you will find everything that has a cutting blade or that can do even more. Apart from the vegetable chopping and the uncomplicated food intake, you can open packages with this outdoor equipment, prepare tinder, gut the fish you caught yourself and go hunting herbs. And in the evening, after the work is done, you can comfortably carve figurines around the campfire.


Here you will find a variety of useful and handy outdoor equipment for almost every situation and every individual requirement. You are away from civilization for a while in the mountains or at sea? An emergency kit can help you in case. With a wire saw, folding spade, multitool and hammer, your camp is prepared for the night in no time. On top of that, hand warmers ensure that your fingers stay warm and function perfectly even in the cold. Waterproof tins are indispensable for protecting delicate items from rain and splashing water, such as your matches and fuel.

What you need depends largely on what you plan to do. If you travel by camper, you will store most of it there and live quite comfortably, with outdoor furniture, for example.


Even the best cutting edge gets dull at some point. But with the right sharpening tools and a little know-how, you can get your knives and axes back in shape easily. From whetstones and sharpening steels to handy knife sharpeners for your backpack, you will find everything you need, including sharpening oil. Find out beforehand how and with what you sharpen your tools in the best possible way, so that you do not damage the blades.

Fire starters

You could almost say that human history began with fire. In modern everyday life, it tends to live a niche existence, be it romantic candlelight or in a crackling fireplace. Things are quite different outdoors, when we suddenly have to rely on cooking and staying warm without electricity, though. Back to the roots, so to speak. Fortunately, if you want to light your campfire, you no longer have to laboriously get the tinder burning by friction - nowadays we have matches, storm lighters and state-of-the-art fire starters available.


Unfortunately, we do not have cat's eyes. But no worries, even for cloudy days and nights we offer the right outdoor equipment: With storm lanterns, headlamps and flashlights you can easily find your way after dark or in caves and dense forests. Glow sticks, emergency mini lights and candles as well as all accessories for lamps complete our product range. With our products you can forget about stumbling around in the dark - let there be light!

Orientation and optics

The position of the sun tells outdoor enthusiasts quite well in which direction they are looking at the moment - still, a compass is much more accurate. If the satellite reception fails or you are generally outdoors without one, you have a few tools at your disposal for orientation. In addition to the classic compass in a large or compact version, there is the transparent version that you can place on your map. Use our binoculars and monocular to have a look at objects far in the distance.


Essential for all those who have a minimum of electrical aids with them or even travel with the camper: If you want to charge your GPS device abroad, for example, you may need plug adapters. And in case there are no sockets available? No problem, then you can use our handy powerbanks, which supply your batteries wirelessly with energy. Are you out photographing wildlife? Use the infrared wildlife cameras from DÖRR. You can also find pumps, immersion heaters and UV sterilizers in this section of our outdoor equipment.

Care and protection

The little things make all the difference. Whether insect spray, toe warmer or emergency blanket, here you can stock up on everything all around care and protection for your next camping vacation.

Outdoor accessories

With a cloth, mosquito net hat and belt you prepare for your outdoor adventure. Key, belt and bottle holders make sure that you have everything at hand. Gloves protect your hands and with a large rain poncho even your backpack will stay dry. All of that and much more of our outdoor gear is waiting for you in the accessories section.


If you have not found what you are looking for in the previous categories, then the outdoor equipment you are looking for may be discovered here. Otherwise, please contact us at any time and just tell us if you are missing something or if you need advice - we will be happy to help you!

Outdoor gear: A short list

The outdoor gear you definitely should not forget on a long trekking tour or when bushcrafting:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat
  • Clothes for changing and for different weather conditions
  • Food
  • Cooking equipment including fire starter and fuel
  • Hygiene products
  • Emergency medical kit
  • Compass, map, GPS device
  • Smartphone, powerbank, charging cable
  • Pocket knife
  • Tools
  • Flashlight, storm lantern
  • Knife sharpener
  • Repair kits

Also remember your ID, your health insurance card and possibly your passport. When hiking abroad, you should make sure that your health insurance covers the medical care you need, otherwise you may be faced with significant costs.