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Outdoor bags – waterproof and from small to large

Loyal companions, whenever and wherever: outdoor bags and backpacks in a variety of sizes and variants are part of the basic equipment for every hiker, trekker and bushcrafter. They need to be comfortable, distribute weight evenly over the shoulders and back, and withstand lots of wear and tear. Pack up - your next adventure is waiting for you!

Elaborate details and a lightweight, robust design: Outdoor bags

You are planning to cross the alps, stocked up on outdoor accessories and are now looking for the perfect storage and transport solution? After numerous years of accompanying you across steppes and glaciers, through forests and across oceans, your old hiking backpack is finally quitting its job? Then you have come to the right website: At BogenSportWelt you will find outdoor bags that are both outdoor- and weatherproof as well as comfortable.

  • Backpacks: The gold standard on every hiking trip. Whether in military design, as a typical large travel backpack, messenger bag or sports bag, the numerous pockets and compartments hold the right equipment for everyone´s back.
  • Transport bags: This is where you store extra gear. These can either be carried by hand or with a shoulder strap. Backpack pockets can be transported in two ways - you carry them like a normal backpack or hang them around your neck.
  • Boxes: Among other things, storage boxes make sure that delicate food is not squashed or that electronic devices are protected from moisture and impacts. Perishables also will stay fresh for longer thanks to the added cooling function.
  • Drinking systems: One and a half liters of fluid each day is the rule of thumb. If you are active and sweating, you need substantially more. With drinking systems, you can get your water quickly and easily without having to dig out your bottle.
  • Accessories for outdoor bags: Cases, packing straps, waterproof bags - here you will discover some useful friends that make for more safety and organization in your backpack, your bag and your boxes.

Which outdoor bag size is right for me?

Please note that the following values only serve as an initial guide - you will eventually have to decide for yourself how much you want to take with you and how much you can carry during the planned trip. Your condition, physique and needs play a significant role in deciding which outdoor bags you need.

  • up to 10 l (max. 5 kg): short bike trip
  • 15-20 l (max. 7 kg): day trip on foot/bike with little luggage, skiing and climbing trip
  • 20-25 l (max. 8 kg): day trip with more luggage
  • 25-35 l (max. 10 kg): two-day tour
  • 35-45 l (max. 12 kg): several-day tour, extended skiing and climbing tour
  • 45-65 l (max. 18 kg): trekking, longer trip
  • 65 l and more (max. 25 kg): bushcrafting, expedition, very long trip

Other bags: Get inspired now and discover something new!

Still have items left to stow? Then why not take a look at our other bags? There you will find bags that are well worth a look as well. You want to safely store your phone, for example? Then check out our outdoor cases. Or maybe bags for in between, which can be packed up really well and barely take up space? Maybe you can think of new ideas, how to create something new and innovative? We are curious to see what you come up with. Maybe you will even share it with us and tell us your thoughts on it, we would love to hear from you!

Your equipment, which you have acquired with lots of effort and of which you can be proud of course, should always be well stored. There are a number of factors that are important: sufficient storage space, durability, water resistance, comfort, ventilation and much more. Bags are an important part of your gear and sometimes even the best part of the entire equipment, thanks to the high durability of many bags. We carry a large selection of outstanding bags that are just waiting to be picked up by a fan and to be used for many great adventures. Find your trusty companion now at BogenSportWelt-Outdoor!

If you have any ideas or comments, please feel free to contact us. We are always looking forward to expand our product range and to take your wishes into account.

Have fun packing up!