JACKALOPE Zircon - ILF - 66-70 inches - 16-50 lbs - Recurve Bow

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JACKALOPE Zircon - ILF - 66-70" - 16-50 lbs - Recurve Bow

The JACKALOPE Zircon has technical equipment that is otherwise only known from the previous top models among the ILF handles and immediately pleases the eye. It simply offers more than is usual in this price range. Made of a high-strength aluminium-magnesium alloy and painted in exciting colours, the handle not only has an ergonomically shaped handle (plastic handle shell) and standard bushings for the button, arrow rest and stabiliser, but also additional bushings below the limbs mounts, which can be used for additional dampers or the like. In addition, the Zircon centre section has adjustment options for lateral alignment of the limbs.

With its optimum weight of 1038g, it is not too heavy but not too light to allow the shooter to successfully complete longer training sessions and competitions and still give him good feedback and a pleasantly binding feeling when shooting.

The limbs themselves are made of black fibreglass laminate with a core of high-quality maple and macore wood and offer everything you would expect from ILF limbs: good stability, excellent performance and a wide range of pull weights and bow lengths. The limbs are attached using the International Limb Fitting System (ILF), where they are simply inserted into the worm arm mounts on the handle and not screwed. This simple but innovative and standardized system allows the use of different manufacturer's limbs and does not bind the shooter to one manufacturer or the manufacturer of the handle. Thus the limbs can be easily and quickly mounted or exchanged for other draw weights or models.

JACKALOPE - The new brand in archery

Modern, high-quality materials and the simple elegance of archery. - This is JACKALOPE, the new, innovative brand in archery. Jackalope stands for a whole range of beautifully crafted long, recurve and hybrid bows, as well as various protective goods and accessories.

With JACKALOPE you will find everything you need for this sport. Its sophisticated design is not only limited to the bows but is also pursued in all accessory articles.

Technical data:


Bow length

Draw weight

Brace height




Colour (Handle)



68" or

16-50 lbs
(in 2 lbs increments)

8,25" - 9"

8,5 - 9,25"

8,5" - 9,5"


Weight: 1038g

Material (core):
maple and macore
Material (laminate):
Fiberglass (black)
Material (Tips):
Makore, Bakelite

Blue, yellow, grey,
Green, orange, red,
Black, Silver, Violet
or white

Right hand

Important notice: To prevent the till screws, i.e. the screws under which the limbs are inserted, from falling out of the middle pieces when the bow is shipped, they are screwed in particularly deeply. Therefore the screws must be unscrewed approx. 3 turns before the first insertion of the limbs into the middle piece.

Delivery include:
1 x bow with string


Draw Weight:
Bow Length:
Shipping weight:
0,01 Kg
Product weight:
0,01 Kg

This item comes with a manufacturer's warranty. Information about the warranty period and its conditions can be found here:


Bow Length / Draw Weight

120 - 135 cm Height: 58"
135 - 150 cm Height: 62"
150 - 160 cm Height: 64"
161 - 167 cm Height: 66"
168 - 175 cm Height: 68"
From 176 cm Height:     70"

The basic rule is: It is better to choose a slightly longer bow, as this mistake in the shooting technique is more forgiving.

Another possibility is the selection according to the personal draw length.
Simple method: Extend both arms to the side - Divide total span in cm by 2.5 = draw length in cm. If you need the inch value - divide by 2.54 again.

48 - 53 cm: 58"
53 - 58 cm: 62"
58 - 63 cm: 64"
63 - 68 cm: 66"
68 - 73 cm: 68"
Ab 73 cm:   70"



Set nocking point

The nocking point is a small brass ring, which we attach to the string. This marks the correct position of the arrow on the string and helps to quickly find this optimal point all over again. The arrow is usually docked under the nocking point. The nocking point itself is of course included in this service and does not have to be ordered separately.

Pre-assemble attachments

We assemble for you all ordered attachments (visor, arrow rest, stabilizer, peep sight, string loop, possibly nocking point) and prepare the assembly so that after receipt of the goods you need only a few handles to make the bow ready for firing.

Completely pre-assembled (this service will be available shortly)

We assemble for you all ordered attachments (visor, arrow rest, stabilizer, peep sight, string loop, possibly nocking point) and attach them to the bow so that you have the bow immediately after receipt of the goods ready to shoot.


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