Limbs | JACKALOPE Hunter - ILF - 62 inches - 25-60 lbs

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Limbs | JACKALOPE Hunter - ILF - 62" - 25-60 lbs

The JACKALOPE Hunter - ILF limbs are made of black fiberglass laminate with a core of high-quality maple wood and offer everything you expect from ILF limbs: Great stability, excellent performance and a wide range of draw weights. The tips are made of bakelite and are of course suitable for Fast Flight strings.
The limbs are attached with the International Limb Fitting System (ILF), where the limbs are simply inserted into the slots on the riser. Fastening with screws is completely unnecessary. This simple but innovative and standardized system allows the use of limbs from different manufacturers and does not limit the shooter to just one manufacturer or to the manufacturer of the riser. This way the limbs can be mounted easily and quickly or exchanged for other draw weights or models.

Draw weight: 25-60 lbs
Bow length with 19" riser: 62"
System: ILF
Recommended arrow weight: 6-8gr per lbs
Material: Maple wood and fiberglass
Tips: Bakelite, suitable for fast flight strings

Delivery contents:
1 pair

*Warranty conditions: When registering the bow, we give the initial buyer a 30-year warranty against breakage and delamination. The warranty applies to all customers with registered bows who are resident within the EU. Excluded from the warranty are wearing parts and damage caused by incorrect use. The warranty is fulfilled by replacement or repair of the bow. The legal warranty rights remain unaffected by this warranty and apply independently of it.

Warrantor: BSW Handels GmbH | Jackalope Archery | Demminer Str. 32 | 17389 Anklam.

Limbs Material:
Screw on or ILF Limbs:
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0,50 Kg
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0,40 Kg
Hints on draw weight & bow length

Labelling of the limbs
The limbs of a bow are always marked with a label indicating not only the draw weight of the limbs but also the length of the handle or the length of the bow to which the draw weight refers. This label can look like the following:

25# @ 19" or
19H 25# 62" or 
25# @ 62" or also
62" / 25 lbs

If the length of the handle is not specified, a 25" handle is usually the basis for the draw weight specification. In the case of special bows, where the limbs are only suitable for the respective handle, the draw weight specification is naturally related to the corresponding handle.

Conversion of draw weight and bow length

Many limbs have universal mounting options, enabling them to be used on various handles of one manufacturer or multiple manufacturers. It should be noted, however, that the use of a shorter or longer handle results in a change in the bow length and the draw weight.

As a rule of thumb one can remember the following:

-2" handle length = -2" bow length & +2 lbs draw weight
+2" handle length = +2" bow length & -2 lbs draw weight

i.e.: If the handle is 2" shorter than the length to which the draw weight refers on the limbs, the bow is 2" shorter and the draw weight increases by 2 lbs.

Example table for limbs with the draw weight specification for a 19" handle (e.g. 25# @ 23") and an bow length of 66".


Draw weight
(# corresponds lbs)

Length of Handle

Bow length

on the

28 lbs

33 lbs

38 lbs

43 lbs

48 lbs

53 lbs

@ 15"


26 lbs

31 lbs

36 lbs

41 lbs

46 lbs

51 lbs

@ 17"


24 lbs

29 lbs

34 lbs

39 lbs

44 lbs

49 lbs

@ 19"


22 lbs

27 lbs

32 lbs

37 lbs

42 lbs

47 lbs

@ 21"


20 lbs

25 lbs

30 lbs

35 lbs

40 lbs

45 lbs

@ 23"


18 lbs

23 lbs

28 lbs

33 lbs

38 lbs

43 lbs

@ 25"


16 lbs

21 lbs

26 lbs

31 lbs

36 lbs

41 lbs

@ 27"



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