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A crossbow is not that different from a bow. Basically it is a bow that was mounted onto a horizontal shaft. In some countries, crossbows are used for hunting, although in many countries hunting with crossbows is prohibited. But still, a crossbow - no matter if compound or recurve - offers numerous possibilities for spare time-use. Due to high speeds they are a lot of fun in the leisure sector.

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Crossbows for beginners

As a beginner, you of course have the agony of choice. And the extensive choice of products can sometimes be overwhelming for beginners. This is why we created some Specials: as always of course a high-quality crossbow that really shines in cost effectiveness. And something all crossbows have in common: They are delivered to you fully adjusted. Our specialists sight-in your crossbow at our headquarters with your bolts at 30m. That means you can start immediately when unboxing. The crossbow is pre-mounted and perfectly adjusted. We offer this service for a surcharge of 50 euros for all crossbows in our product range. In our Specials, this service is included of course, so you will save 50 Euros. Furthermore, in some packages, fitting bolts and a spanning aid are already included for you at a special price.

We always recommend using a spanning aid for every crossbow. You will also require a suitable target, also called dampener. Your bolts and your targets will last longer if you use a suitable backstop. For the feeling as if you were a real hunter and even more fun, we recommend the Stronghold Target Faces all in one, because then you have everything from realistic animal pictures to inventive target faces and monsters and zombies.

Or maybe rather a pistol crossbow?

Handy, compact and light, but certainly not boring: That is a pistol crossbow. Pistol crossbows are perfect for having fun in your spare-time or also as an introduction into the complex topic of crossbows. And with our specially selected packages you do not only save a lot of money but also have all the important components at hand right away.

A pistol crossbow is usually shot with short aluminium- or plastic bolts. Many models, however, can also be shot with other types of ammunition. Aside from the usual bolts, you can also use a steel ball function. In that case you put up to 20 6mm steel balls into the magazine. The draw weight of a standard pistol crossbow is between 50 and 80 lbs, but some even have 150 lbs and thereby bolts fired out of one of these pistol crossbows can reach a distance of 80m. Apart from the flexible use of bolts or steelballs, the pistol crossbow has another decisive advantage due to its weight. Because they are made from fibreglass, plastic or aluminium, standard pistol crossbows often only weigh 1kg.