[SPECIAL] SET X-BOW COBRA MX Bag Package - 80 lbs / 165 fps

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X-BOW Cobra MX - Pistol crossbow - 80 lbs / 165 fps

The popular X-BOW Cobra MX is now available as [Special] offer with extensive accessories.

The Cobra MX is a small, compact aluminium pistol crossbow with a draw weight of 80 lbs and resulting arrow speeds of up to 165 fps (approx. 181 km/h). Even the shooting accuracy of approx. 25 m is quite impressive.

A special feature of the Cobra MX is a quick-release device with which the string can be cocked without any problems. To do this, simply press the shaft extension/handle downwards and the string is pulled back and locks into place. Now just insert one bolt and the pistol crossbow is ready to fire.


[SPECIAL] X-BOW Cobra MX - Pistol crossbow - 80 lbs / 165 fps - incl. Package

 With this extensive package you can start immediately as everything you need is already included:

 - X-BOW Cobra MX in black or wood design
 - incl. elTORO Pistolcrossbow case Mini-T
 - incl. 2x 10 aluminium bolts + 3 extra bolts
 - incl. string wax
 - incl. replacement string

 All parts except string and bolts are guaranteed for 2 years with free on-site replacement service.
 We have all spare parts in stock and will keep them in stock for a long time.


Draw weight: 80 lbs
Shaft: aluminium
Bow: High-tech fiberglass
Width: 44cm
Length: 50cm
Weight: 0.9 kg

Color: black or wood design

Delivery contents:
- Cobra MX
- elTORO Mini-T Case
- 23x Bolt
- Wax
- Replacement string


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1,00 Kg
Product weight:
1,00 Kg
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Experience report

Small experience report about the pistol crossbow Cobra with 80 lbs of a customer:

At first, I was a little dampened by my expectations, warned by various forum contributions on the subject of Cobra.  But after unpacking (by the way: the shipping by BSW was very fast!) I enjoyed the processing and the easy assembly.  There was no evidence of the burriness of the aluminium parts mentioned in the forums. The clamping lever is brilliant, very fast tensioning, but a little bit of power consuming. The trigger itself is very difficult to operate (and a bit unergonomically positioned), without any pressure point, but when firing you notice that the Cobra has quite power.  If you get used to these characteristics, you will get a circle of about 20cm at a distance of 15 meters. It should be noted that it was shot with one hand. There could be 20m in the range of the possibility. For safety reasons, I will only approach larger distances after installing an arrow trap net.  The sighting device did not have to be adjusted, probably shot cleanly by the manufacturer to 10m or 15m.  Special feature: The BSW set contains 3 BSW arrows with aluminium shafts, which I think are better than the two-piece plastic-aluminium shafts, which are normally included in the Cobra sets.

All in all a good quality fun machine, high accuracy, powerful power, but definitely not for small hands.


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