[TIP] DRAKE Wild Honey Performance - Take Down - 64 or 68 inches - 18-40 lbs - Recurve Bow

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[TIP] DRAKE Wild Honey Performance - Take Down - 64 or 68 Inch - 18-40 lbs - Recurve Bow

The Wild Honey pleases as a 3-piece Recurve bow especially by the attractive appearance, which will convince almost everyone of the comfort of a wooden centerpiece. Of course, it's not just the looks that make the Wild Honey an interesting beginner bow, with an arc length of 64 or 68 inches and draw weights of 18-40 lbs (in 2 lbs steps) make Wild Honey suitable for just about any shooter. The center piece fits well in your hand and is not only ideal for beginners due to its low weight (about 980-1100g), but also for more demanding shooters due to its equipment with visor, stabilizer and button socket (5/16 x 24) ,

More power, more Speed - DRAKE Performance

DRAKE Performance - The new limbs from DRAKE do not bear this name without reason. Performance enthusiasts with the thrill of austerity will truly enjoy these models. Unique in this price segment, the DRAKE Performance Limbs feature Fast-Flight tips that give your bow, in combination with a matching Fast-Flight tendon, maximum performance.

However, the features that are in the foreground are far from everything, with which the DRAKE Performance can convince limbs. Also in optics know the limbs to impress. In addition to a simple and understated black, you also have the choice of opting for a clear glass version that brings out the impressive wood look perfectly and gives your bow a maximum traditional look.

Get more out of your setup and take the next step with the DRAKE Performance limbs.

Available as Right or Left Hand Bow.

Technical Specs:
Bow Length: 64 or 68 Inch
Draw Weight: 18-40 lbs (in 2 lbs Steps)
Riser Length (64 Inch): 20 Inch
Riser Length (68 Inch): 24 Inch
Brace Height (64 Inch): 7,75 - 8 Inch
Brace Height (68 Inch): 8 - 8,5 Inch
Weight: ca. 980-1100g

Delivered items:
Bow with String


Draw Weight:
Bow Length:
Shipping weight:
0,01 Kg
Product weight:
0,01 Kg
Extra service


Set nocking point

The nocking point is a small brass ring, which we attach to the string. This marks the correct position of the arrow on the string and helps to quickly find this optimal point all over again. The arrow is usually docked under the nocking point. The nocking point itself is of course included in this service and does not have to be ordered separately.

Pre-assemble attachments

We assemble for you all ordered attachments (visor, arrow rest, stabilizer, peep sight, string loop, possibly nocking point) and prepare the assembly so that after receipt of the goods you need only a few handles to make the bow ready for firing.

Completely pre-assembled (this service will be available shortly)

We assemble for you all ordered attachments (visor, arrow rest, stabilizer, peep sight, string loop, possibly nocking point) and attach them to the bow so that you have the bow immediately after receipt of the goods ready to shoot.


Bow Length / Draw Weight

120 - 135 cm Height: 58"
135 - 150 cm Height: 62"
150 - 160 cm Height: 64"
161 - 167 cm Height: 66"
168 - 175 cm Height: 68"
From 176 cm Height:     70"

The basic rule is: It is better to choose a slightly longer bow, as this mistake in the shooting technique is more forgiving.

Another possibility is the selection according to the personal draw length.
Simple method: Extend both arms to the side - Divide total span in cm by 2.5 = draw length in cm. If you need the inch value - divide by 2.54 again.

48 - 53 cm: 58"
53 - 58 cm: 62"
58 - 63 cm: 64"
63 - 68 cm: 66"
68 - 73 cm: 68"
Ab 73 cm:   70"

Right or left-hand?


Determination of the draw hand

The draw hand is the hand that pulls the string. This means that a right-hand bow is held in the left hand and pulled out with the right hand.

The determination of the personal draw hand has far less to do with whether one is left or right-hand than one might initially assume. Rather, it is a matter of determining the dominant eye. The dominant eye is used for targeting. This automatically results in the draw hand.

The term "dominant eye" refers to the eye the visual information of which superimposes everything. If a shooter would try to aim with the other eye, he would have to pinch the dominant eye.

There are two ways to determine the dominant eye: On the one hand, it is the eye that is generally preferred, for example when looking through the viewfinder of a camera, through the spyhole or similar situations. On the other hand, there is a small exercise with which the dominant eye can be determined beyond doubt:

  • The arms are stretched out and with thumb and index fingers of both hands, a triangle is formed.
  • The triangle is used to target a small target, such as a power socket or a cabinet knob. This object is focused.
  • The hands are now slowly moved towards the face without the target being taken out of focus.
  • The triangle of thumb and index fingers will automatically incline to one half of the face and the dominant eye will lie within it.

If eye and hand dominance do not match, the bow should still be selected according to eye dominance. The arms can easily be trained on the new draw hand, the eye cannot.

More information about the choice of the right bow type, the right draw weight and the right arrows can be found here:

A short introduction to archery


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