Shaft | SPHERE BowJob - 6,20 mm - Carbon

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Shaft | SPHERE x TEAM BOWJOB - Impressive Performance meets Charity

With the arrow project "SPHERE x TEAM BOWJOB" BogenSportWelt realizes a project of the heart! This arrow not only convinces with its technical parameters, this arrow not only shoots well, it also does good! Because: For every SPHERE x TBJ arrow we sell, we donate one Euro to the Breast Cancer Aid.

The technical parameters - A top class carbon shaft

Before we tell you in detail about this project, here are the key facts about the arrows. Although the focus is on the charity idea, it is absolutely essential for us shooters that an arrow also performs accordingly.
The shaft is based on the MagnetoSPHERE, the top model from Sphere, which has already convinced many shooters. Its complex shaft structure with integrated, high-strength carbon fabric and an optimized wall thickness make it a light and fast shaft that nevertheless fully scores in terms of durability and stability. Instead of the combined look of cross-wound carbon and wood grain, however, we opted for a plain anthracite shaft for this project to better showcase Team Bowjob's signature colors.

SPHERE x TEAM BOWJOB - A cooperation based on conviction

And what is behind this cooperation? As BogenSportWelt we are also active in the social media and followed the activities of Team Bowjob for quite a while. Team Bowjob is a team of archers that shoots tournaments across clubs as a team, drawing attention to the issue of breast cancer. And unfortunately it is a sad truth that almost every one of us has already had to make acquaintance with this tragic topic in one way or another, personally, within the family or among friends.
And with time the idea of a cooperation was born. Andreas, a founding member of Team Bowjob, was receptive to this idea and after he had convinced himself of the technical qualities of the arrow, we began joint product development.

Team Bowjob - More than just a team

So who is behind Team Bowjob and why Team Bowjob at all? That too is quickly explained. The foundation stone was laid by Brady Ellison. Yes, exactly Brady Ellison. For several years now, the exceptional American shooter has been hitting the baseline again and again with bows that are absolute eye-catchers. And a few years ago, with a bright pink bow, this immediately caught Andreas' eye and initial skepticism turned into curiosity and quickly the background for this color choice became clear: Pink is the unmistakable symbolic color for breast cancer and breast cancer prevention/research worldwide. So it was already clear to Andreas in 2015 that this is "...a cool idea, but there's more! If three shooters (of one team) stand next to each other on the shooting line, that would be even more of an eye-catcher. More pink = more attention." And that laid the foundation for Team Bowjob. And it has now become an international team: 140 shooters from 8 nations, including the USA, Colombia and South Africa. TBJ is a completely free team, everyone can join. There are no obligations, no fees or performance requirements. The only thing that counts is the will to create awareness for this important issue. All ages are represented and all types of bows, even blowgunners are included.

If you want to learn more about Team Bowjob, you can find Andreas and his team members here: Bowjob 
On their Facebook page, however, they not only publish their successes as a team, but also regularly call for "TOUCH YOURSELF!". The earlier breast cancer is detected, the greater the chances of cure and, more importantly, survival. And early detection is relatively simple with regular scanning. And by the way, this does not only apply to women. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer for women, but it can also affect men: 1 in 100 new cases affects a man.

Helping has never been easier - 1€ per arrow goes to Breast Cancer Support

Sponsor on the side of BSW is Kristin, she is a member of the "Team BogenSportWelt" for more than 15 years and also she has had to deal with this topic several times. If someone in the closest circle of friends or in the family meets this fate, then it becomes all the more clear how important cancer prevention and especially cancer research is. She initiated the project here and got it off the ground in close cooperation with Andreas from TBJ.

You want to support us in our goal, the fight against breast cancer? It has never been easier. For every arrow sold, we as BogenSportWelt donate 1€ to breast cancer support.


Technical data:
Material: Carbon
Length: 24-32 Inches

Spine 400

  • Shaft weight in grains per inch: 7.44
  • outer Ø: 7.26mm
  • inner Ø: 0.246 inches / 6.20mm
  • Straightness: ±0.006 inches
  • Matching size TOPHAT Protector Ring / SPHERE Nock Collar: 7.45

Spine 500

  • Shaft weight in grains per inch: 6.30
  • outer Ø: 7.10mm
  • inner Ø: 0.246 Inches / 6.20mm
  • Straightness: ±0.006 Inches
  • Matching size TOPHAT Protector Ring / SPHERE Nock Collar: 7.30

Spine 600

  • Shaft Weight in Grain per Inch: 6.00
  • outer Ø: 7.08mm
  • inner Ø: 0.246 Inches / 6.20mm
  • Straightness: ±0.006 Inches
  • Matching size TOPHAT Protector Ring / SPHERE Nock Collar: 7.15

Spine 700

  • Shaft weight in grains per inch: 5.35
  • outer Ø: 7.00mm
  • inner Ø: 0.246 Inches / 6.20mm
  • Straightness: ±0.006 Inches
  • Matching size TOPHAT Protector Ring / SPHERE Nock Collar: 7.15



Scope of Delivery:
1x Shaft








700, 400, 500, 600
Inner diameter in inches:
Inner diameter in mm:
max. length in inches:
Outer diameter in mm:
Weight in Grain per Inch:
Shipping weight:
0,01 Kg
Product weight:
0,01 Kg

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