Riser | DRAKE ARCHERY ELITE - Ursus - ILF - 17-19 inch

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Riser | DRAKE ARCHERY ELITE - Ursus - ILF - 17-19 inch

The Ursus riser of the DRAKE ARCHERY ELITE range is a successful combination of the highly modern, stabilised wood and an extraordinary colour scheme. The different shades of brown and black, ranging from classic reddish brown to dark blackish brown, are reminiscent of the fur colours of bears and make for an appealing look of the riser. It was the association with the bear, which translates as "Ursus" in Latin, that gave the riser its name. The characteristics attributed to a bear are also quite appropriate for archery in general and a bow or its shooter in particular: It stands for self-confidence, courage and energy through inner calm, intuition and, last but not least, strength.

The use of stabilised wood gives the Ursus riser, despite its rather filigree dimensions, a higher, wonderfully binding weight that you would otherwise only expect from much longer and heavier grips. As a result, you benefit from even more shooting smoothness and a plus in stability and accuracy.

ILF - Full flexibility!

While traditional wooden risers usually only have the option of using special screw-in limbs, things are different here: the Ursus centrepiece is equipped with the ILF plug-in system. ILF stands for the "International Limb Fitting" system, which is a standardised mounting system where the limbs are not screwed to the centrepiece, but simply plugged in. This system gives you full flexibility in the choice of limbs and you are not limited to one brand.

ELITE - The best from DRAKE Archery

Good things can be made even better! - DRAKE Archery follows this claim and brings with the ELITE series bows, limbs and risers on the market, which are unparalleled in their price segment. High-quality workmanship as well as modern materials and an appealing look come together to create recurve and hybrid bows with a high quality standard without losing sight of the price-performance ratio.

As an expression of confidence in its own quality, the DRAKE Archery brand grants a 10-year warranty* on all its bows in the ELITE series. What are you waiting for? Convince yourself of DRAKE Archery.


Technical data:

  • Length:
    • 17 inch
    • 19 inch
  • Weight:
    • 17 inch | Black-Brown: approx. 740g
    • 17 inch | TwoTone: approx. 740g
    • 17 inch | Auburn: approx. 830g
    • 19 inch | Black-Brown: approx. 860g
    • 19 Inch | TwoTone: approx. 860g
    • 19 inch | Auburn: approx. 950g
  • System: ILF
  • Material: stabilised wood
  • Colour: black-brown, red-brown or TwoTone
  • Right or left hand



Scope of delivery:
1 piece



*Warranty terms: To the original purchaser, DRAKE Archery provides a 10 year warranty against breakage and delamination. The warranty applies to all first-time customers who are resident within the EU. Excluded from the warranty are wear parts and damage due to incorrect use. Warranty service is provided by replacement or repair of the bow. The statutory warranty rights remain unaffected by this guarantee and apply independently of it.

The guarantor is BSW Handels GmbH | Drake Archery | Demminer Str. 32 | 17389 Anklam.




Riser Material:
Screw on or ILF Limbs:
Riser Length:
Shipping weight:
0,01 Kg
Product weight:
0,01 Kg

This item comes with a manufacturer's warranty. Information about the warranty period and its terms and conditions can be found here:


Right or left-hand?


Determination of the draw hand

The draw hand is the hand that pulls the string. This means that a right-hand bow is held in the left hand and pulled out with the right hand.

The determination of the personal draw hand has far less to do with whether one is left or right-hand than one might initially assume. Rather, it is a matter of determining the dominant eye. The dominant eye is used for targeting. This automatically results in the draw hand.

The term "dominant eye" refers to the eye the visual information of which superimposes everything. If a shooter would try to aim with the other eye, he would have to pinch the dominant eye.

There are two ways to determine the dominant eye: On the one hand, it is the eye that is generally preferred, for example when looking through the viewfinder of a camera, through the spyhole or similar situations. On the other hand, there is a small exercise with which the dominant eye can be determined beyond doubt:

  • The arms are stretched out and with thumb and index fingers of both hands, a triangle is formed.
  • The triangle is used to target a small target, such as a power socket or a cabinet knob. This object is focused.
  • The hands are now slowly moved towards the face without the target being taken out of focus.
  • The triangle of thumb and index fingers will automatically incline to one half of the face and the dominant eye will lie within it.

If eye and hand dominance do not match, the bow should still be selected according to eye dominance. The arms can easily be trained on the new draw hand, the eye cannot.

More information about the choice of the right bow type, the right draw weight and the right arrows can be found here:

A short introduction to archery


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