SERVICE: Mounting-, Adjustment-, and Nocking Point Service

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Category: Sport Bows & Sets

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Pre-assemble add-on parts
Adjustment service for compound bows
Set nocking point

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We carry out the following services according to your specifications, as far as this is technically possible on your ordered bow. Please pay particular attention to the specifications for the purchased bow when using the setting service. A refund of these service costs is excluded with revocation/exchange.

Set nocking point

The nocking point is a small brass ring, which we attach to the string. It marks the correct position of the arrow on the string and helps to find this optimal point quickly. The arrow is usually docked under the nocking point. The nocking point itself is of course included in this service and does not have to be ordered separately.

Pre-assemble add-on pieces

We assemble for you all ordered add-on pieces (visor, arrow rest, stabilizer, peep sight, string loop) and prepare the assembly in such a way that you only need a few steps after receiving the goods to make the bow ready for use. The nocking point service (see above) is already included.

Adjustment service for compound bows

We adjust your ordered compound bow to the specifications you have entered. Please pay attention to the specifications of the purchased bow. A bow purchased with 50-60lbs, for example, cannot be set to 45lbs. The same applies to the draw length. With many models, a change of the draw length is only possible by exchanging modules, which have to be ordered separately and at extra cost. Please also pay attention to the information in the bow description. No adjustment service is possible for recurve and longbows.


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