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Riser | C.V. EDITION by SPIDERBOWS Condor Trinity - 19-25 inch

With the Condor Trinity, SPIDERBOWS adds a very special model to its well-known and appreciated top line Condor. The riser consists of several layers, which are made of e.g. highly stable, sustainable wood in cocobolo, burl birch or rosewood design on the inside and outside. Sustainability is achieved by using European woods, which are not only given their beautiful design by a special treatment, but also gain in stability and weight. Without additional inlays or other materials, this creates a vibration-free riser that convinces with absolute precision.

ILF - Technology meets tradition!

SPIDERBOWS has rethought the ILF system and developed perhaps the best ILF attachment for limbs available on the market. This is how high-quality, precise technology meets the tradition of a wooden riser.

The ILF attachment with all its adjustment possibilities is housed in a solid metal block and forms a closed system. The lateral adjustment for throwing arm alignment, for example, is completely integrated in the metal block and thus avoids cracks in the riser, which can occur with the otherwise usual systems because the screw is located in the wooden riser. In addition, the ILF attachment of the new Condor has a noble black anodisation and is equipped with the new precise, pivoting Tiller screw. This tilting screw always adapts perfectly to the angle of inclination of the limbs and thus allows the screw to rest fully on the limb. Precision is also the top priority here. The aim was to achieve a quiet and clean shooting behaviour. The bow can be optimally adjusted to personal requirements via the Tiller and the draw weight of the bow can be adjusted by approx. ±3 lbs.

SPIDERBOWS ILF attachment has one more important feature to offer: Due to the requirements of the different sets of rules of the various archery associations, the Tiller screw has been extended by an internal threaded pin, which serves as an additional locking device. This allows the Tiller screw to be locked in the desired position. If you want to avoid a complete adjustment, you can fix the capstan screw in the block by means of a lateral clamping screw connection.

C.V. Edition - Developed by the world champion

Two years of hard work have gone into the C.V. Edition, which was developed jointly by SPIDERBOWS and Christian Vorderegger, the World and European IFAA Champion. It was not easy to meet all his demands and set goals, but with the C.V. Edition, SPIDERBOWS has succeeded in building bows that make no compromises.
Various aspects were particularly important to Christian Vorderegger during the joint development:
-The riser must be extremely torsionally stiff, really heavy and cut across the middle! SPIDERBOWS has managed to create a riser without additional aids such as metal inserts or similar, which is extremely stable due to stabilised wood of the latest generation and heavy enough with at least 1100g. The combination of these factors enables a vibration-free shooting behaviour that not only feels extremely comfortable, but also culminates in absolute precision.
-The new asymmetrical geometry of the Condor means that the bow window is cut further across the centre. Nevertheless, the bow remains absolutely stable and optimises the arrow flight and the possibilities of arrow tuning.
-Last but not least, equipped with a comfortable, ergonomic grip, the riser of the Condor nestles perfectly to the hand and gives a great feeling when shooting.

Finish by the World Champion PERSONALLY

In order to ensure the quality that one associates with the name of a World and European Champion and is also entitled to expect, all bows are personally tested, signed and prepared ready to shoot by Christian Vorderegger after manufacture.



  • Length:
    • 19 inch
    • 21 inch
    • 23 inch
    • 25 inch
  • Weight:
    • 19 inches: approx. 1110g
    • 21 inch: approx. 1250g
    • 23 inch: approx. 1330g
    • 25 inch: approx. 1450g
  • Material: stabilised wood
  • Colour: rosewood, cocobolo or burl birch
  • Available as right- or left-hand model



Scope of delivery:
1x riser


Material verification:
Spiderbows Material verification.pdf





Riser Material:
Screw on or ILF Limbs:
Riser Length:
Shipping weight:
0,01 Kg
Product weight:
0,01 Kg
Right or left-hand?


Determination of the draw hand

The draw hand is the hand that pulls the string. This means that a right-hand bow is held in the left hand and pulled out with the right hand.

The determination of the personal draw hand has far less to do with whether one is left or right-hand than one might initially assume. Rather, it is a matter of determining the dominant eye. The dominant eye is used for targeting. This automatically results in the draw hand.

The term "dominant eye" refers to the eye the visual information of which superimposes everything. If a shooter would try to aim with the other eye, he would have to pinch the dominant eye.

There are two ways to determine the dominant eye: On the one hand, it is the eye that is generally preferred, for example when looking through the viewfinder of a camera, through the spyhole or similar situations. On the other hand, there is a small exercise with which the dominant eye can be determined beyond doubt:

  • The arms are stretched out and with thumb and index fingers of both hands, a triangle is formed.
  • The triangle is used to target a small target, such as a power socket or a cabinet knob. This object is focused.
  • The hands are now slowly moved towards the face without the target being taken out of focus.
  • The triangle of thumb and index fingers will automatically incline to one half of the face and the dominant eye will lie within it.

If eye and hand dominance do not match, the bow should still be selected according to eye dominance. The arms can easily be trained on the new draw hand, the eye cannot.

More information about the choice of the right bow type, the right draw weight and the right arrows can be found here:

A short introduction to archery


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