EVERTS Ferrocool HT - Hot Melt

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EVERTS Ferrocool HT - low temperature hot melt adhesive.


  • With Ferrocool HT, arrow tuning becomes child's play. You can experiment with different tip weights. Glued-in tips can be easily removed after reheating the tip, then shortened and glued in again. The process can be repeated as often as desired.
  • Ferrocool HT is gentle on the arrow material. Due to its low softening point of approx. 85°C, the processing of the shafts is easily feasible and the softening point of the epoxy in carbon (approx. 140-150°C) is still far away.
  • Unlike some liquid glues, there is no drying time after the gluing process. Inserts and tips glued with Ferrocool HT are ready for use immediately.
  • There are limits to any glue. Should a tip get stuck in the wood, it can easily be removed with pliers and then glued back into the shaft. This way the arrow shaft is still intact and no material is wasted.
  • We recommend processing with a heat gun (lowest setting).
  • Ferrocool HT not only reduces the risk of burns during processing, but also protects the arrow shaft with its low processing temperatures. It also develops a much lower odour than other hot glues when applied.


  • Inserts / tips / arrow shaft should be clean and degreased.
  • The glue should be heated to the point where it becomes highly fluid. This level should be maintained during joining.
  • The material to be glued (insert / tip) should be heated simply so that the glue remains fluid when applied.
  • The amount should be applied lengthwise to the insert / tip. To achieve a gap-free adhesive film, please rotate the shaft.
  • Particularly when bonding metals, ensure that the hotmelt adhesive does not solidify too quickly in the boundary layer area due to the good thermal conductivity of the parts to be joined, thus preventing complete wetting of the surfaces.


  • Ferrocool HT is extremely economical, even with long inserts only the smallest quantities are needed.
  • With this hot glue, no residue is left over. Leftovers are simply added to the next piece of adhesive.


  • Ferrocool HT can be easily stored and carried by the shooter in all weather conditions. It is also very compact and fits in any pocket.
  • Unlike adhesives in tubes, Ferrocool HT cannot dry out, become brittle, change consistency and simply become unusable over time. Ferrocool HT is always ready for use and always delivers the same quality.
  • Ferrocool HT does not leak and cannot leak.


  • The basis of Ferrocool HT is ethylene-venyl acetate copolymer, hence the good adhesive properties.
  • The raw materials used comply with FDA guideline 175.105 for the outer packaging of foodstuffs. Thus, the components are classified as harmless.
  • The formula has been adapted so that the softening point is approx. 85.C.



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