Complete arrow | BSW Special Series - D/A/CH - Carbon

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Complete arrow | BSW Special Series - D/A/CH - Carbon

The BSW Nations Arrows Germany (D), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH) are elaborately handcrafted in the arrow tree manufactory of BogenSportWelt. The basis for the arrows is the ExoSPHERE shaft, which makes no compromises in its properties and offers a balance between speed and precision.

In addition to the puristic, black shaft, the white cresting with different colour accents and the respective national flag as a banderole, the 4 inch long natural feathers, whose colours pick up the national colours again, ensure the special appearance of the Special Series.

Each arrow is a UNICAT.

Technical Data:
Shaft: ExoSPHERE Prime, Carbon

  • Spine 300
    • Shaft weight (in grain per inch): 9,7
    • Ø inner: 0,245"
    • Ø outer: 0,299"
    • Straightness: ±0,006"
    • Nock: S-Nock 3D
  • Spine 400
    • Shaft weight (in grain per inch): 8,4
    • Ø inner: 0,245"
    • Ø outer: 0,292"
    • Straightness: ±0,006"
    • Nock: S-Nock 3D
  • Spine 500
    • Shaft weight (in grain per inch): 7,1
    • Ø inner: 0,245"
    • Ø outer: 0,289"
    • Straightness: ±0,006"
    • Nock: S-Nock 3D
  • Spine 600
    • Shaft weight (in grain per inch): 6,4
    • Ø inner: 0,245"
    • Ø outer: 0,285"
    • Straightness: ±0,006"
    • Nock: S-Nock 3D

Point: selectable
Fletching: 4", Shield

Germany - White cresting with German flag and fletching in black/red/yellow
Austria - White cresting with Austrian flag and fletching in red/red/white
Switzerland - White cresting with Swiss flag and fletching in white/white/red

Scope of delivery:
1x complete arrow in desired configuration



Shipping weight:
0,05 Kg
Advice at the time of delivery of Custom Arrows:

These dimension arrows are made according to your wishes by the arrow maker. Depending on the order situation, this can take several working days due to the painting and glueing work and drying times. As a rule, the arrows are then ready for dispatch in 2-3 days. We, therefore, ask for your understanding that your order cannot be shipped immediately. Thank you very much.

Wood types

FICHTE - or - FICHTE - Premium*
Manufactured from local woods, spruce shafts are an inexpensive and qualitatively appealing alternative to classic cedar shafts.
They are lighter, yet offer good durability and excellent flight characteristics. Spruce wood shafts can also be easily processed and stained, primed or painted. This is not the only reason why you find more and more use in the construction of arrows.

KIEFER - Northern Pine Premium*
Pine wood is one of the oldest used woods - at least for the construction of arrows, because already in the Stone Age shafts were made of it. And even today pine wood shafts are a popular and proven basis for self-made arrows. The pine owes its popularity to its balance of stability and weight and its good characteristics: it has a very even grain, is very robust and heavier than cedar and spruce shafts. In addition, they are easy to process, stain, prime or paint. 

When selecting the wood shafts, our 1st choice could only fall in favour of the cedar wood shafts. We looked for alternatives but did not find any other arrow material that met our requirements. The Port Orford Cedar combines many advantages like no other shaft material. The self-damping behaviour of the cedar wood shafts is considerably more positive and faster than with all other common arrow materials. Self-attenuation behaviour is the time it takes for a shot arrow to fly stably again from its launch. Shafts from Port Orford Cedar are not only lighter than other arrowheads but also much more true to form. Its greater elasticity keeps it straight for longer. Not for nothing did legendary archers like Fred Bear, Ben Pearson and Howard Hill shoot exclusively wood arrows from Port Orford Cedar. We only sell shafts in A quality. All shafts are pre-spined by the manufacturer in the USA in 5 lbs groups. Transport, temperature fluctuations and differences in air humidity can, of course, cause deviations. We are dealing here with natural material and not with homogeneous material. Anyone who says "yes" to a wood shaft also says "yes" to its natural characteristics.


Each shaft a unique specimen
Since wood is a natural product, each shaft is unique. Apart from the standard turned diameter, the shafts differ in their appearance and characteristics.
The grain or appearance (annual rings, flames) is different for each shaft. Also the spin value is always individual and cannot be determined exactly, therefore the shafts are only sorted into categories with a spin width of 5 lbs. In order to have shafts that are as uniform as possible, all shafts are hand-spined, checked for cracks, reflex tested and aligned.

*) Premium quality
Premium quality wood shafts have special characteristics that influence their stability, durability and, of course, the flight characteristics of the later arrow. They are specially selected and already show clearly less "restlessness" in the grain on the outside. The annual rings run more evenly over a longer distance, the escaping flames are rarer.


"Extra spine shafts" and "Weighing out shafts"
With the two services "Weigh out shafts" and "Extra spine shafts", you can reduce the variation in characteristics between the shafts.
- In the "Weigh out shafts" service, you can define the tolerance range of the weight deviation within the ordered quantity of shafts and minimize it to up to 5 grains.
- The "extra spine shafts" service also gives you the option of defining the spine tolerance range and limiting it to a maximum of 1 lb.

If you opt for the extra service "Weigh out shaft" and/or "Extra Spine", please note that the shafts can only be shortened and varnished after weighing/spinning. As wood is a natural product, there may be deviations again after shortening due to the uneven nature of the wood.


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