BEARPAW - 50g - Super Glue

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BEARPAW - Archery Super Glue - 50g

Most adhesives used in archery contain solvents and are hazardous for use in confined spaces without ventilation. In addition, until now it was necessary to use several adhesives next to each other to finish the arrows. For carbon and wooden arrows as well as for natural feathers, nocks, inserts and plastic fletches, different adhesives needed to be used.

BEARPAW has now solved these two problems in cooperation with a German adhesive manufacturer. With the new Archery Super Glue based on cyanoacrylate, you only need a single adhesive for almost all bonding processes in archery.

What are the capabilities of the new glue?
1. fletching of aluminum, carbon and wooden arrows with feathers
2. fletching of aluminium, carbon and wooden arrows with plastic fletches
3. fletching of feathers and plastic fletches on arrow crestings
4. gluing of inserts and glue-in tips into carbon and aluminum arrows
5. gluing of nocks on aluminum and wooden arrows

The biggest advantage, however, is that the adhesive is absolutely non-hazardous. Since the Bearpaw Archery Super Glue does not contain any solvents, it can be used in closed rooms without any risk. No harmful and irritating fumes are produced.

The new adhesive is a contact adhesive and hardens after only 3 seconds. Fletching arrows will be much faster in the future. You will have to pay attention though that the feather or plastic fletch is pressed firmly onto the surface, i.e. has contact, in order to achieve a proper and durable bonding.

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