Targets for archery

Discover an extensive selection of targets at BSW

Bow and arrow as well as crossbows are one of the oldest shooting devices in human history. While they were used for hunting or in battles in ancient times, nowadays they are used as sports devices only. Archery is fun and fascination at the same time - a relaxing sport where body and spirit are consonant. Try it! The suitable equipment you will find at BSW.

Target for archery - Which one is the right one?

The amount of accessories for bows or crossbows to choose from is quite extensive. The selection of targets alone is remarkably large and the different executions are necessary. Not every target is suited for every archer though. While simple and affordable options for the hobby archer are more than sufficient, the experienced sports archer prefers high-quality products as targets that are also used in competitions or in training. At BSW, you will find a broad range of suitable products, ranging from the simple straw target to a target with an animal picture on it, to 3D animals in many numerous sizes and forms.

You will always have a target to shoot at

Classic straw targets often already have a ring printed onto them. For modern targets, a target face made of robust paper with rings or animal pictures is normally used. At competitions, the age of the archer, the style of archery and the distance to the target is decisive about type, form and size of the target in the end. 

A particularly attractive target are our 3D animals. These animal dummies will awaken the hunter in you and give archery with the bow or crossbow a completely new allure. Feel the hunting fever and train your instincts. While hunting with bow and arrow was necessary for surviving in the past, nowadays archery is part of sport types with a growing fanbase. Which one is your favourite target - the standard target with rings or the genuine-looking 3D animal? The animals are made of resilient foam material and have arrow-protecting properties. Targets for archery with bows or crossbows are available in different material combinations. Choose from models made of straw, various foam types or styroline.

Versatile targets for archery at BSW

At competitions with standard disciplines, customary targets are the first choice. 3D animals train the accuracy of an archer as well, although in completely different conditions. Discover the extensive range of targets and 3D animals for your bow or crossbow in our online shop.