Henry Bodnik, the founder of Bearpaw Products & Bodnik Bows is probably one of THE iconic figures in traditional archery. We have been working together with Bearpaw Products for many years, which, so far, reached its climax in the cooperation with Jackalope Archery.

We are convinced by the quality of Bearpaw Products and therefore we have something for you: Permanently more than 1,500 bows by Bodnik Bows, Jackalope Archery and Penthalon, more than 10,000 quivers, gloves, arm guards, strings and other accessories, more than 20,000 shafts & arrows as well as more than 100,000 small parts like nocks, points or feathers - EVERYTHING ONLY BY BEARPAW at our warehouse in Anklam. On top of that we also offer over 200 Bearpaw targets.

Regardless of that, you are still searching for a particular bow we do not have or not yet have in stock at the moment? Get in touch with us - we can order all Bearpaw bows for you and have a friendly business connection with Bearpaw Products and Bodnik Bows. It is easiest to get in touch with us by email (support@bogensportwelt.de) or via our hotline (+49 (0) 3971 241960.

Should you have questions or a problem with a Bearpaw product, we will be happy to care about it for you. Due to our large stock you will profit with extremely short delivery times. Normally we even supply much faster than if you order from Bearpaw directly.

Your advantages when ordering from BSW
  • short delivery times (shipment on the same day if order is received before 13:00)
  • 100 days right to return (see conditions)
  • free shipment within Germany for all bows by Bodnik
  • low shipping costs even for Austria, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg
  • consulting, repairs and service even after purchase
  • attractive dealer program
  • generous scale of discount for clubs

Bodnik Bows: Quality with 30 years warranty

Bodnik Bows score with their 30 years warranty that sets global standards. This shows how convinced Henry himself is by his products, taking responsibility with his own name.

Henry´s bows are getting continuously more popular globally. Apart from the long-year warranty, particularly the performance, quality and the design of the Bodnik bows are highly valued by traditional archers. Bearpaw is passionate about developing and improving products for traditional archery. This is also the case with Jackalope by Bodnik Bows.

Confident collaboration with Henry Bodnik climaxes in Jackalope cooperation

A years-long friendship and confident cooperation connects us with Henry, which is why we were already honored by Henry as Bearpaw Gold Dealer in 2013. We also like to meet on fairs after work and chat about all and sundry.

Together with Henry in a unique collaboration, we developed and released the first Jackalope by Bodnik Bows models onto the market in 2016, which is a wonderful unification of Henry´s years-long experience in bow making and our demand for highest quality and aesthetics.

In order for Henry to be able to focus even more on Bodnik Bows in the future, his successor Tim Beier has assumed the management of Bearpaw Products in the beginning of 2019. We wish both of them good luck with the generational change of Bearpaw Products and look forward to a furthermore intense cooperation.

JACKALOPE Smoked Amber


In order to continue the success story of JACKALOPE by BODNIK BOWS, the top models Diamond, Jade and Quartz were released after 2016, followed by the flagships Smoked Amber recurve- and hybrid bow in 2018.

Smoked Amber

What makes Bodnik Bows so special?

All Bearpaw models are handmade serially and with a lot of passion for detail. Whether Grizzly Hunter or Kodiak Hunter does not matter, in the traditional sector, Bodnik Bows are definitely one of the top brands. Even for young archers, Henry developed a suitable bow that is available from 15lbs: the Mingo. The Slick Stick as a robust hybrid bow also achieves high arrow speed as well as little handshock at the same time - for less than €300, this is what we call good value for money!

Of course Henry wants his bowmakers to be as knowledgeable as possible, which is why the apprenticeship takes place at experienced bowmakers in the United States among others. Furthermore, Henry tests numerous different materials like the Bearpaw Powerglass as long as it takes to fully satisfy his high demands for quality. Because of this, Bearpaw and Bodnik Bows have meanwhile become very popular globally and the bows are shot daily in numerous countries all around the globe.

Energy-efficient material: Bearpaw Powerglass

Aside from the years-long experience and intense apprenticeship of his bowmakers, the Bearpaw Powerglass is also a basis for the success of Bodnik Bows. Henry and his development team were tinkering about the final formula from 2013 to 2016 and invested into a completely new method of manufacturing until he was happy with the energy-efficiency, transparency and brilliance of the final product.

The glass laminate consists of glass fibers and a certain amount of epoxy, which coats the glass fibers and connects them. While the glass alone would be able to be flexed in all directions without too much force, the added epoxy forces the fibers into the desired form. The material can no longer be flexed into a different shape and thereby has to stretch. In this process, the glass stores energy that it will later transfer to the arrow for the most part, other than the epoxy. This is why the high amount of glass in your Bodnik bow allows for much more momentum.

The advantages of the Bearpaw whisper string
  • a Bearpaw whisper string makes your fast flight bow super silent
  • a Bearpaw whisper string gets out all of the fast flight performance of your bow
  • a Bearpaw whisper string spares your bow and increases its life span

You want to build your own bow with glass on the limbs? Here you can find the market-leading Bearpaw Powerglass for the use at home: KLICK!

Whisper-quiet: The Bearpaw whisper string

A bow is the entirety of its components and particularly the string plays a decisive role in the interaction of the parts. Every Bodnik bow has been delivered with a whisper string since 2012. The ultra-silent string has an exceptional and great status all around the globe due to its characteristics. Archers and particularly bow hunters love this string and even Pete Ward (one of the experts from North America) is very keen on this silent string.

Here you can find the Bearpaw whisper string for further purchase or as an upgrade for your fast flight bow. KLICK!

Here you can find an overview of the Bodnik bows: KLICK!

BODNIK BOWS - Years-long experience in bowmaking and best materials yield bows that will even convince shooters with highest demands thanks to the uncompromising quality. The same goes for the Bodnik Bows Mohawk. With the goal to outdo themselves in terms of the self-set standards, the BODNIK BOWS Mohawk Chief is a masterpiece of bowmaking and will now accept the Mohawk´s inheritance.

"The Mohawk Chief Hybrid is the personal bow of Henry Bodnik"


After more than one year of development time and intense sudatory work on the Mohawk Chief, BODNIK BOWS has accomplished to get to the hilt and to surpass as well as balloon the high expectations of the bow manufacturer once again.

The BODNIK BOWS Mohawk Chief unites what has to be united. As a result, two impressive models of the BODNIK BOWS Mohawk Chief were born. For one, the Mohawk Chief recurve bow at the epitome of high-performance recurve hunting bows. Furthermore, many archers value the characteristics of the Mohawk Chief hybrid bow. A smooth draw and performance that is second to none make the hybrid bow the first choice.

Both Chief models are certainly convincing with their performance and design. The special BODNIK BOWS Mohawk Chief bows captured everybody´s heart and the breathtaking reactions to the bows were without equals.

  • highest-performance limbs
    slim-ground limbs for maximum performance
  • stabil core limbs
    prevents twisting and gives stability
  • custom-made limbs
    made for you with highest precision
  • quality
    highest quality Made in Germany
  • warranty
    30 years Bodnik Bows warranty

Highest-performance limbs

The reason for these exceptional characteristics are the extra narrow bamboo limbs that are made specially for you and manufactured with highest priority by the most experienced bowmakers that BODNIK BOWS has to offer. Due to the unique processing, the limbs can be ground down to a minimum, in order to reach the highest possible performance. There is an additional special mesh in the limbs that prevents undesired twists and increases the stability as well as the unmatched accuracy of the bow.

Your Mohawk Chief - Your choice

Apart from the outstanding processing and the impressive performance, the opportunity to customize your BODNIK BOWS Mohawk Chief according to your personal taste is at least as important.

When customizing your Mohawk Chief, BODNIK BOWS gives you the opportunity to select the riser as well as the limbs from numerous highest-quality wood kinds in many various designs. This variety of options to customize your bow, which has never been seen before, lets you decide between more than 80 completely different and impressive combinations of the BODNIK BOWS Mohawk Chief.

Mohawk Chief - An impressive custom bow

The numerous combination possibilities regarding the design and the custom-made limbs make the BODNIK BOWS Mohawk Chief an incredible piece of art. With BODNIK BOWS, you can find a unique symbiosis of unbeaten experience in bowmaking as well as exceptional passion about manufacturing every single BODNIK BOWS Mohawk Chief to absolute perfection. This dedication, which lets every Mohawk Chief become a flawless singleton, you will recognise and feel in every situation with your BODNIK BOWS Mohawk Chief.

You should also profit from the years-long and friendly cooperation between BSW and BODNIK BOWS, so get yourself your personal and custom-made Mohawk Chief by BODNIK BOWS.

We are happy to help you

Additional questions about the BODNIK BOWS Mohawk Chief or general topics all around the world of archery can be asked by telephone (+49 (0) 3971 241 960) or of course via our support center. On top of that, you can find numerous helpful videos on our YouTube channel, which will make your start in archery a lot easier.

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