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X-BOW Blade - Compound Crossbow with a Convincing Performance

The compound crossbow blade from X-BOW not only looks slim and light but in fact, it is! With only approx. 3kg weight (without attachments) it comes in a more modern design, with an almost military look and fantastic performance data.

This is achieved by the X-BOW Blade through the consistent use of the construction as a compound crossbow. This is the only way to achieve bolt speeds of up to 340 fps (approx. 373 km/h) with a relatively low draw weight of 175 lbs. The die-cast eccentric rollers (cams) extend the string path without increasing the span of the bow thanks to their asymmetrical form and therefore enable significantly higher speeds of the rebounding string itself. A nice side effect of this technology is significantly less vibration, less wear, more precision of the shot and higher bolt speeds.

The use of high-strength and robust plastic composite material for the shaft of the crossbow ensures the slim shape. At the rear, the shaft runs out in a Picatinny rail, to which the adjustable shoulder support is attached. By simply loosening the screws, the crossbow can be individually adapted to the shooter or shortened or lengthened for greater mobility and a better balance. The pistol grip also improves handiness, is interchangeable and compatible with AR grips from the weapon range.

The barrel, i.e. the part of the crossbow on which the bolt and string run, is made of lightweight aluminium. Below the barrel, there is another Picatinny rail on which the front handle is mounted and can be adjusted in length.

The X-BOW, in combination with the cam system, draws 175 lbs out of the X-BOW and enables breathtaking bolt speeds of up to 340 fps (approx. 373 km/h).

For the safety of the shooter and to protect the crossbow, the X-BOW Blade is equipped with an automatic safety device that locks into place when the string is tightened and must be released before the shot is fired. In addition, the Blade naturally also has an empty shot safety device, which ensures that the crossbow cannot be released without inserted bolts when the crossbow is stretched.

Technical data:
Draw weight: 175 lbs
max. arrow speeds: 340 fps (approx. 373 km/h)
Length: 33.5-36" (approx. 85-91,5cm)
Width (stretched): 14" (approx. 35.5cm)
Width (relaxed): 17" (approx. 43cm)
Draw length (Power Stroke): 12.5"
Weight: 6.7 lbs (approx. 3 kg)

Black or Folium Camo


Delivery include:
1x Crossbow Blade

Recommended accessories:
20" aluminium or carbon bolts
rope cocking device
string wax
carrying bag


[SPECIAL] X-BOW Scorpion - 375 fps / 175 lbs - Compound crossbow

X-BOW´s new compound crossbow is equipped with everything you expect from a strong, fast and almost perfect crossbow. Starting with the precision CNC machined cams, the aluminium barrel, the lightweight composite shaft and the powerful fibreglass limbs, the 22mm wave rail for attaching the scope and the Picatinny rail for the ergonomically formed handle, to the length-adjustable shoulder rest with height-adjustable cheek piece and rubber-cushioned butt plate.

Of course, the technical features are also in no way less perfect: With a draw weight of 175 lbs, the Scorpion achieves breathtaking bolt speeds of up to 375 fps (approx. 411 km/h) and is really something special in its price segment. For the necessary protection against damage caused by an empty shot, the crossbow naturally also has a safety device, the so-called Dry-Fire-Inhibitor technology, that prevents the crossbow from being shot without arrows.

After all, the Delivery include leaves nothing to be desired: A red/green illuminated 4x32 scope, a mounting quiver with four 20" aluminium bolts, two rubber string dampers, a padded carrying strap, a plastic-coated metal foot bar and a rope cocking device are always included in the set.

[SPECIAL] Incl. shooting service for crossbows - 30m incl. 4 aluminium bolts

The shooting takes place under best conditions. The crossbow will be shot at a distance of 30 meters, including the following services and items:

- 4x aluminium bolts
- Assembly of the complete crossbow incl. accessories like quiver and carrying strap
- Quality check of the crossbow
- Assembly and adjustment of the scope
- Use of care products 

Please note: We can only offer the firing service in combination with bolts. It is important that you shoot exactly the same bolt that we used, as weight deviations or similar can lead to a various result. The crossbow is shipped completely assembled and therefore cannot be shipped in its original carton. This does not affect the warranty.

Technical data:
max. speed: 375 fps (approx. 411 km/h)
Width (axis to axis): 18" (approx. 46cm)
Length (incl. foot bar): 35.25 - 38.5" (approx. 89,5 - 97,8cm)
Power Stroke: 14" (approx. 35.5cm)
Draw weight: 175 lbs (approx. 79 kg)
Weight: 7.5 lbs (approx. 3,4kg)

Black or God Camo

recommended accessories:
20" carbon bolt with Moonnock
carrying bag


Delivery include:
1x crossbow
1x mounting quiver
1x 4x32 Scope
4x 20" aluminium bolts
1x carrying strap
1x rope aid



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