RAGE Nockturnal Lighted Nocks für EASTON-. BEMAN- und GOLDTIP-Schäfte in rot

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RAGE Nockturnal Lighted Nocks

- Leuchtnocke
- 20 stündige Batterielaufzeit
- transparente Nocke für maximale Lichtdurchlässigkeit
- durch ausgeklügelte Technik ist das versehntliche Einschalten nicht möglich
- Gewicht: nur 20grain und somit 25-50% leichter als andere Leuchtnocken

Passend für folgende Schäfte 

- Flatline
- Powerflight
- Aluminium with Super Uni

- ICS Series

GoldTip .246 (wie beispielsweise)
- Entrada
- Ted Nugent
- Expedition Hunter
- Pro Hunter
- Lightning
- Traditionell
- Vapor Hunter

The amazing new patent pending Nockturnal lighted nock is a breaktrough design that is more affordable and lighter in weight than most other lighted nocks. The NockTurnal has a string activated linear switch that is protected deep within the nock and will not turn on or off inadvertently. Battery last over 20 hours.  Made of clear plastic for maximum light transmission --- can be seen for hundreds of yards.  Speed saving ultra-light design... only 20 grains TOTAL weight... most other lighted nocks weigh 25% - 50% more!

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Great fun

Sorry for responding in English, (my knowledge of German is just not good enough).
These nocks are great fun, but beside that also practical. They give a good insight in arrow flight. You can follow the arrow all the way from the bow to the target. I will not say it replaces paper tuning, but it helps a lot. The first time I used them my fellow archers at my club were jealous and anxious to buy them too. The only drawback is, that they are expensive.