DECUT P-Nexus Fletching Jig - Fletching tool

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A perfect fletching - every time.

With the DECUT P-Nexus feathering device, shafts can be quickly and easily completed into arrows. And no matter how you want to feather your shaft, with the P-Nexus a lot is possible. Simply insert the shaft with the cam and the rest can be done almost completely.

There are three different types of feathers to choose from:
- 3-fold feathering for recurve bows at 120° distance with the cock feather left
- 3-fold feathering for compound bows at 120° distance with the cock feather at the bottom or
- 4-fold feathering in 90°

Setting the feathering device:
Before use, set up the feathering device so that an angle of approx. 45° is created between the base plate and the feathering unit. Then fix the feathering unit with the fixing crew.
To change the type of feathering between 3-fold feathering for Recurve (RC-120°), 4-fold feathering (90°) or 3-fold feathering for Compound (CP-120°), slightly turn the large knob at the rear until it noticeably disengages.
Set the slide control to the desired feathering type and turn the large rotary knob until it clicks noticeably.
Now a Shaft can be inserted.
5. the clamp with the spring/vane engages magnetically in the guides on both sides. Both sides are adjustable with rotary knobs.

Technical Data:
Feather length: max. 5 inch

Delivery include:
- Feathering device (Colour may differ from illustration)
- Clamp (straight)

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Product weight:
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