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At home in nature! - The JACKALOPE Obsidian Hunter - Recurve hunting bow

If nature is your second home and the archery parcours is one of your favourite areas to be at, you will have a lot of joy with the recurve hunting bows of the JACKALOPE Hunter series, which are the perfect companions for adventures in the forest as well as on heathers. At a length of 58 inches, the bows are compact and powerful enough to roam around the forest quickly.

The JACKALOPE Obsidian Take Down is made with the finest European craftsmanship from high-quality and innovative materials. The 15 inch long riser for example consists of two completely different types of wood, which lends it its unique character. The part of the bow that is facing away from the archer in the front consists of black-grey teknowood, which is a highly-modern material that consists of multiple layers of wood. The part of the riser that is facing towards the archer is made of beautiful, durable amazaque wood, giving it a fantastic contrast. Amazaque is a tropical wood that is particularly nice-looking because of its warm colours. The limbs are made of spiderwood, which was selected for bow making, and covered with black glass. All of that makes the JACKALOPE Take Down bows quick, forgiving and reduces the hand shock when shooting.

Another, maybe not all that obvious detail due to the bow´s overall perfection, are the hand-ground transitions of the riser to the limbs. The riser flows completely seamlessly into the limbs and makes you forget that this is a bow consisting of three pieces. This goes to show that classy design also shows itself in not so obvious details.

As innovative the bows are, as unique the name is! The obsidian is a gem stone with very special properties that are pretty important for archers. This black stone not only protects you from negative energy but also helps you accomplish your personal goals. It enhances the perception as well as the ease of mind and patience. Certainly a good choice of name for the flawless JACKALOPE Obsidian bows.

SPEED - Carbon for even more speed

In the speed version, the JACKALOPE Obsidian now is even faster! An additional layer of carbon improves the already good-natured characteristics of the bow. It also makes it more forgiving and provides tighter and more accurate groupings when shooting. But how does the bow achieve this? Quite simple: Due to the carbon inlay, the limbs are not only lighter and more distortion-resistant but also about 10fps faster.

JACKALOPE - The new brand in archery

Modern, high-quality materials and the simple elegance of archery! This is JACKALOPE, the new, innovative brand in archery. Jackalope stands for a whole range of beautifully crafted long-, recurve- and hybrid bows as well as various protective goods and accessories.

You will find everything that you need for archery at JACKALOPE. And all of that in a sophisticated look, the design of which is not limited to the bows, but is extended to all products. Where else can you choose your accessories to match the colour of your bow? Only at Jackalope!

Reflecting the confidence in its craftsmanship, JACKALOPE offers a 30-year warranty on all its registered bows. What are you waiting for? Convince yourself of the quality of JACKALOPE.

Available as right- or left-handed model.



Bow length

Draw weight
(selectable in 5 lbs steps)

Recommended brace height

Recommended arrow weight
(per lbs of draw weight)

Draw length

Length riser





- Obsidian Hunter -
Recurve Bow
Take Down


30 - 50 lbs

7.5 - 8"

(min. 7gr)



Wood and fiberglass
or wood and fiberglass with a carbon inlay for the SPEED versions

(suitable for fast-flight strings)

approx. 930g
(35 lbs)

Right hand or left hand

Riser: Teknowood and amazaque
Limbs: Spiderwood with black glass
Limbs (Speed-version): Spiderwood, black glass and carbon
Tips: Micarta

Delivery contents:
1x bow with string

*Warranty conditions: Warranty conditions: BEARPAW grants a warranty of two years for all BEARPAW Penthalon bows on breakage and delamination. The warranty does not include wear and tear, damage caused by reckless use or flawed use. Twisted limbs have to be complained about at Bearpaw Products by email, service ticket or phone or at your seller within two weeks after the purchase date. Complaints are only accepted within this time. The warranty is executed by replacing or repairing the bow. The legal warranty conditions remain untouched by this warranty and count nontheless.

BSW Handels GmbH is the warrantor | Jackalope Archery | Demminer Str. 32 | 17389 Anklam, Germany.

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